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You Really Are Double-Minded

The conscious mind, when you are awake, is actually, you. You, the conscious you, is the personality. You make decisions. This is what separates us from what we used to call “lower animals”.

Close your eyes and think of yourself...your...self is the only consciousness that you are aware of. Your Self only thinks one thought at a time. And when you search around, your conscious thoughts, the thoughts you think, are the only thoughts that you are aware of.

You...consciously...seem to make all the decisions and direct all your activities. You consciously decide what you will see, hear, touch, smell and taste. You decide what to buy, where to go, what to do, when to do it, who to talk to or be with, why you are doing it, and how you are going to do it. You consciously plan your future and dwell upon your past.

This is the conscious thoughts of your conscious mind. But there is another mind inside your skull and body. And it dominates the only mind you are consciously aware of. And it is, of course, your sub-conscious mind or SCM for short. It is the mind that you are un-aware of, un-conscious of, because it is “sub” or below your conscious awareness.

Although the Bible, which is Western Civilization's most ancient and by far the most documented book archaeologically, ...although it alludes to the “heart”, and the “soul”, and even the “belly” in a symbolic sense, the SCM, which is what they referred to, was not part of Western Civilization's dictionary until about the 19th Century. You see, the “heart” was not even a physical concept, that is, an organ in the middle of your chest that pumps blood thru your entire body, probably until Leonardo da Vinci's time. The real “heart” seems to have been named after the symbolic “heart”.

YOU seem to decide and do the things your conscious, wide awake, mind decides, but your SCM, driven by desires and energized by emotions, is really the part of you that is calling the shots.

You cannot hope to understand why you do the things you do, why you choose the things you choose, and why your life is like it is, unless you understand this part of you, your SCM, and know how it works, and use it correctly. You learn how to use a computer...a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone correctly or it does not serve you...the same goes for that biological computer inside you.

That bio-computer, like it's real world counterpart, makes a good servant, but a God-awful boss.

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