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Riding the Red Horse

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Follow your heart....follow your heart...

The heart, the seat of your passion can be a good thing to follow, if your passion is a positive one, sent to you by your True Spirit, the White Horse. But if your heart has been broken or your passion beaten down, or if your mission in life comes to you through your worldly horse, the Pale Green Horse, your lowest self, then an alternative outcome awaits you. You don't have to let the Red Horse, of Emotion, of the Heart, buck you out of the saddle...of life.

We're not exactly born with an empty slate. I kind of look at it as if we were adapting to a new world. I'm pretty sure our personality, our soul, if you will, comes out pretty much whole...pre-set. It's the hard drive and random access memory that are blank.

All the Apps and software are already in place, and it's the new people and new environment we perceive through all of our senses that is feeding our minds, filling our emotional hearts, and creating our bodies.

We soak up experiences, language, a sponge with no judgment whatsoever.

Everything we experience is recorded in our vast subconscious mind in multi-sensory fashion and each experience is recorded with an emotion attached to it. I think these attached emotions help the mind sort these it to relate these some sort of context is formed around them so that the body/mind complex can respond to them faster. It's a survival tool.

The emotions also form a kind of anchor or cement to these responses. The responses cause a reaction to them oft times...a feedback loop can get started...emotional response can lead to a reaction to that response, which leads to a reaction to that response...and so on.

These feedback loops can lead to arguments, outbursts, frustrations,...more feedback loops. With relationships between people, it can lead to violence, divorce, restraining orders, abuse...

With nations, these feedback loops, unchecked, can lead to war, rebellion, subversion, treason...

And these kind of things are pretty obvious.

However, in Clinical Hypnosis, we also find that these attached emotions that are picked up from experiences even from early childhood are at the root of many physical diseases, either eating things or in ways we really know we shouldn't, which can lead to all sorts of degenerative diseases like hypertension, obesity, sugar-diabetes, and so forth,...

Or directly, as in the case of fears and phobias, heartbreak, or just out and out hatred, grief, shame, depression, trauma.

So, this is what I call Riding the Red Horse. It's being at the mercy of your Emotions, your Emotional Heart.

I believe that so much of disease, mental, physical, emotion, and spiritual, comes directly from these stored up emotions that are attached experiences, traumatic experiences that we collected along life's twisty, windy road.

And your subconscious and super-conscious mind knows all about the traumatic experiences in multi-sensory panoramic detail....and, here's the good news, also knows exactly, below our level of waking awareness, exactly how to detach those emotions, or deal with them in its own wise way.

Your below-awareness parts of your mind even knows whether or not you can handle the truth and will protect you, the aware, waking you, from any possible knowledge or damage that the Red Horse can cause. Or maybe inform you when it feels you CAN handle the truth in the form of dreams, random ah-hah moments, or just a shift in how you feel.

The Red Horse can be bridled and tamed, your emotions can be harnessed as fuel for what you are passionate about...what you love to motivate you in your pursuit of your life's mission.

This is part of what we do here at the Flow Center...our consultations are free, just book an appointment at.... ….or hit the 'book now' button at hypnosis over the phone dot com, or just call me at my private number, 214-699-6627...and we see you out on the range....

Home, Home on the Range...with the red horse

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