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Riding the Black Horse

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The Black Horse of the Apocalypse represents the Intellect...SCIENCE...the Horse that Western Civilization has been riding for a few centuries now....except, lately, the SCIENCE that the public is being fed is causing the cinch on the saddle to slip a little bit....

Just as a casual observation, because advertisement and what people see on TV, movies and YouTube and such, most of the world is riding the Red Horse, which is a symbol for the Heart or the emotional heart. That's because the media rely on three things to influence the population, and you can be sure they nailed this in scientific psychological research decades ago.

Those three things are, one, the hypnotic power of television, or the imagery inside your home,...or phone, these days, two, repetition, I'm sure you've seen the same commercial fifty times, and three, and this is the thing that is important here, drama....emotions....passion. You...seeing people excited about the product or idea that they are using.

So fueling suggestion with emotion is a very concrete, reliable way to influence peoples' behavior, especially on a mass scale. And that is why most people in our modern world are riding the Red Horse.

Fewer people these days are riding the Black Horse...or the Intellect. I suspect that the people riding the cold, calculating, “only the facts, ma'm” Black Horse are the ones that thought up the Red Horse driven media influencing...machine.

But, to tell the truth, it seems that Western Civilization has been riding the Black Horse since the Renaissance. As far as we've been told about our history, which is just His-story, brute force, or the physical....ness of the Pale Green Horse ruled the day, ruled the population.

Then the Romans arrived on the scene with a bit of the Black Horse in that they used crafty military strategy to overrun the brute force, but they controlled their Roman citizens through their version of mass media, or mass entertainment, the Glad Games....exhibition, repetition and stoking the emotions...the Red Horse.

Western Civilization arose upon the Black Horse....SCIENCE....due to the Roman Empire falling apart because they relied so heavily on the Pale Horse and Red Horse to drive their society.

The Black Horse is a symbol for the 3rd aspect of humanity...Intellect. The motto of the Black Horse Civilization is this...if it can't be seen, heard, touched, smelled or tasted, it doesn't exist. If it can't be detected or measured, it doesn't exist. SCIENCE.

You see, the really important things in life cannot be defined and put into words. My, My, My, how many hundreds of thousands of poets and songwriters have tried to put “Love” into words? How many hundreds of thousands of books are there about the Bible, about God...who is by definition beyond defining, beyond comprehension? How many thousands of papers are written about the human body, and it's utterly astounding complexity and we still don't know how it all works?

By the way, that last little rhetorical tirade of questions covers the other three horses, Red, White and Green in that order....just a thought....

We, in the waning years of our Western Civilization long to get off the Black Horse so much that we have turned our scientists into a priesthood. We've turned equal merit-based opportunity into equal “who-do-you-know” outcome. THIS number of scientists all agree on this issue, and THAT number of scientists, THEIR research is not financed or supported.

The word “empirical” means something like “based on facts”....the true, factual results of experiments, but science has become like religion was in Galileo's day where you believed the world is flat or else the wild doggies have roasted Astronomer for dinner tonight. Science based on consensus instead of repeatable experimentation is belief-based, like religion.

The truth is, we can't be riding astride any one of the Four Horses. We need all four horses to drag our chariot down the road, all running in the same direction...all led by the lead horsie....the White Horse....and we'll cover that next time

The Black Horse runs alone....

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