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Riding the White Horse

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For my generation, riding the white horse is a thing to avoid. But, in the context of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse, the complete opposite is the true. Because the White Horse represents the Spirit aspect of humans...the Higher Self.

The Watcher on the Wall, the Lighthouse, the Dungeon Master....these are like one aspect of the White Horse. If your conscious mind is the Captain, and all that happens in your body and mind that you aren't aware of is your Crew...the White Horse is the one that owns the ship and watches over it from the shore, warn the Captain of dangers, like a lighthouse would.

If the Captain's job is to set the course, it's the Owner's job to send aid when needed, for sure, but more importantly, he defines and set the Mission, the reason for going TO the destination. Or should be.

A pirate ship is just driven by opportunity. It really has no mission. It's top goal or course is set by the Captain, with the consent of the crew.

So, knowing what the White Horse does in YOU as a combination of the Body, Emotions, Mind, how do you know what your ship's Mission IS?

Well, you ask the White Horse. You ask your Higher Self. Under hypnosis, the hypnotist can simply ask your Higher Self, What is your life's mission? Why were you Born on this Planet, in this country or state, in this particular time period to accomplish, as your life's work?

Many times, the client will simply say what their life mission is. Sometimes, a way to visualize that mission, say using the TV screen monitor in your Peaceful Place...literally having your Higher Self spell it out in white and black...or black and white....lettering, what it is.

Sometimes, you can tell the client, as a post-hypnotic suggestion, that the Higher Self will “spell it out” for you through a dream, or inspiration, or visions, or vivid idea...later, when you are ready to know it. Believe me, your Higher Self knows exactly, in detail, why you are

The important take-away here is that life...and even whole civilizations, have been pulled along by these Four Horses. It's like you...or your whole world...are being pulled in a Chariot with three of these horses galloping along, harnessed right in front of you, side by side, and the lead horse is in front of the three in a single harness. Lead Horse.

In the last three videos, it's like the Chariot's Lead Horse is either the Pale Green Horse, being the Body and Material World, the Red Horse, being strong Emotions and Passions, or the Black Horse, the Cold, Calculating Intellect. On the civilization level, being led by any of these three will always end in total destruction and, I hate to say it, mountains of corpses.

You can kind of see how a sort of social evolution has taken place where we started out as a might-makes-right human race a few thousand years ago, then civilizations run by its passions, hatred and greed up to the Renaissance, and the Invention of the Printing Press and the Scientific Method, and from that time to now, the Intellect...

So, the natural progression would be to eventually be led by the White Horse, the Spirit...the Higher, not the Lower, ...Spirit.

And I think there will be set backs, because the new thing, the new aspect of our human race is always the most fragile, most uncertain of all our previous set-in-our-ways aspects. But I kind of see it as inevitable that, the Higher Self, the Higher Spirit that is in us all, will, someday solidify, crystallize, if you will and we will be Riding the White Horse, carrying out our Life Missions from our Higher Self...Individualize...meaning, NOT divided...yet NOT centralized...yet...together...yeah?

So, If you're gonna ride, ride the white horse....

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