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What is Wellness? - Hitting the Mark

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Healing is a return to the normal state of wellness. When you look in a mirror and decide that you are suffering from over-weight, you can try a lot of options that address your over-weight condition. Normal is lean.

You can skip this video if you can't handle the truth because the truth about obesity and being overweight is painful to hear. I'm a bit over-weight, myself, so I have to understand and grok this info in full myself to stay on the path, the Weigh, wellness.

A handy tool to use to know how over-weight you are is a Body Mass Index Calculator at:

A BMI over 25 is over-weight, over 30 is obese and over 40 is extremely obese.

I'll leave children out of this, but most adults in America are at least over-weight. It breaks down to roughly a third are not over-weight, a third are simply over-weight, and a third are obese. Here's the national map for obesity. This is a 2011 map. Add 7% to all those percentages for the latest estimates. And you can double the 7%+ figures if you want to include over-weight as well as obesity for a current estimate.

Over all, in year 2000, adult Americans that were considered obese passed 30% of the population and this year have arrived at over 42% of the population.

From the 2011 map, it looks like Colorado and Hawaii are doing the best. The Western States are doing better than the Eastern States. And the Mississippi Valley looks like the Valley of the Shadow of Death, and I would probably include Eastern Texas in there, who probably avoided being the darkest color on the map by a fried catfish whisker. Fried-food alley. A lot of people here in Texas would rather die than give up fried food.

Being over-weight is the most visible symptom of something not being normal...of a person not being normally well...

\Obesity and being over-weight can accompany less visible symptoms that we normally treat as diseases.

According to the CDC, obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, hypertension, bad-colesteral. These are some of the leading causes of preventable, premature death. And I would say it's one thing to have a pre-mature death after a painful and miserable life, and a NATURAL death following a long, relatively pain-free and vital life.

Obesity robs people of life and discriminates by race: black people nearly 50% obese, Hispanics nearly 45% obese, whites about the same, a little less, maybe, and Asians doing great by contrast, at 17 and a half percent. Hmmm...wonder what they're eating? I wonder what the 17% are eating as compared to the rest?

A 2006 figure reported that obesity, directly and indirectly, costs America 147 Billion dollars per year in medical treatment and lost work. Adjusted for 2020, it would be around 170 billion dollars. If there are about 160 million people working in America, and that is a pre-pandemic figure, then each taxpayer would have to pony up over an extra thousand dollars per year to cover that cost. Over a lifetime, obesity costs society as much as a lifetime of smoking tobacco.

This is painful to hear. I started one of The Weigh eating plans on May 4th this year weighing in at 212.7 pounds, a BMI of 29.7, three-tenths of a point shy of obese. I am down to 204 as of this recording with a BMI of 28.4. Normal range for my height is 133-179, so I have a Weigh to go. By the way, I just turned 70.

See you next time when I'll let you know about the root cause of nearly all disease, ailments, sickness, suffering. Can you handle a little truth. I know I must...if I want to be normal...if I want to be healthy and energetic for the rest of my days. So, See you then, and catch you on the Weigh....

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