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What do you really want, instead? Part 2

In part one of this show, I introduced the question, what do you want instead? I tried to draw an analogy between the way things in our lives seem, as opposed to what they really are. F'rinstance, most people think Exxon is a petroleum company, but really, it's an energy company. Most people think that people want lots of money, when, really, they just want the freedom. Most people think drugs make you better, when, really, people just want to be healed, not just treated. The way that all of this is like clinical hypnosis is that: Most people that come in with an issue, think that the hypnotist has this strange power to tell you something about yourself, under hypnosis, that you know is not true, and that you will be magically healed of that issue anyway. Most people get that idea from the stage hypnotist. The stage hypnotist will find that 15% of people in an audience that are highly suggestible, and then focus on the less than 3% of people who are absolute champs at being hypnotized. From that point, it is only a game that the subjects have agreed to play, and they play it very well. Because here's a little secret: All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. If the subjects did not want to be hypnotized, they would not be, anymore than a person watching a movie would watch a movie if they had something more important to do, like answer the phone or the front door. You choose to be hypnotized, not the hypnotist. For almost every person, once they're in a state of trance, positive suggestions, like, your are an aggressive, organized, and successful person, will have differing amounts of influence to transform you. But if you know, subconsciously, that this is a lie, these suggestions will be resisted. And, I would say, that most people are like this. Here's another little secret: Your subconscious mind has a very good reason for keeping the weight on, or for not being able to quit smoking, or for being timid, or for refusing to be in an elevator. This is why some people can be given positive suggestions and then can quit smoking very easily and need no more help...because the subconscious agrees with that decision....and some people, well, just don't make it. The real reason that a person resists quitting smoking has to be discovered by that person, on an subconscious level, and has to be dealt with, on a subconscious level by that person, before the positive suggestions leading to becoming a non-smoker can have a life-changing effect. Hypnosis is also an art in that, reaching a deep enough trance state for this discovery process, may take more than one or two sessions. And since the complexity of the human mind means that there may be several reasons why the subconscious mind resists a conscious choice, it may take several sessions to effect change. At the flow, we have several programs to address many issues. I'll cover some of these issues in the next video in this series of “What do you want out of life, instead?”

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