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What ARE You? Part 2

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In the last episode we pulled back some of the curtains of reality and, with our closed eyes, we realized that we are neither our body, nor our mind,...or any part of them. So, what ARE we, then?

Would you allow yourself to close your eyes once more? When you do so, what do you see?.Darkness, with a slight red tinge to it? Are you seeing the back of your eyelids? Are you aware that you are seeing the backs of your eyelids?

Can you take that awareness that is aware of the back of your eyelids, and now move that awareness down to the fingertip of the ring finger on your left hand...without twitching that finger or moving it in anyway?

Now, how fast can you move that point of being aware to the outer wrist bone of your right hand, the bone farthest away from your thumb?

Now, can you move that point of awareness to the center of your forehead?

So, you see, YOU, the 'you' that is left over when you ignore your mind, your body,...and all your possessions, is able to travel anywhere in the body.

Now, can YOU...think about your will-power? This is the mental “tool” you use to try to change a habit, like nail biting, or resisting smoking, or resisting eating anything that your body automatically and without conscious effort, breaks down to simple glucose, or resisting taking anything that is caused by addiction or habit.

MY will-power is what you call your will-power. That makes it something YOU have and use like a tool or a weapon, and so is part of your mind,...but it is not you.

As a famous pharma-philosopher guru of the sixties once said...and I paraphrase....”YOU are what is left after everything else is burnt away.”

G-U-R-U? That sounds a lot like how that Italian prophet who wrote the last book in the Old Testament ...Malachi, was it? Anyway, Mal_3:3 “And He shall sit as a refiner and a cleanser of silver. And He shall cleanse the sons of Lěwi, and refine them as gold and silver ...”

Which sounds a lot like Joni Mitchell...”We are stardust, we are golden”

Or as Master Yoda says, “Looking? Found someone you have, eh?”....“Live long...and Prosper”

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