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We Are Spirit, Mind, & Body, Fueled by Emotions

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We are spirit, mind, and body...but we are fueled, propelled, if you will, by our emotions, by our feelings.

Feelings transcend time and space. Their intangible. They cannot be contained by physical barriers.

Grief, sorrow, anger, jealousy, envy, disgust, and guilt are traumatic emotions that haunt us from out past.

Nervousness, apprehension, anxiety, worry, tension, fear are negative emotions splat on the windshield of our future.

The Concealed Inner Mind is child-like and lives in the present where emotions are resting, taking the day off. That's why accessing that mind through hypnosis is, by itself, so therapeutic and rejuvenating.

When we are interviewing our clients at the beginning of their visits, the client will be encouraged to talk about their difficulty, the issue that brought them to us. They will often hear us ask them that cliched question, “And how did that make you feel?”

This information is necessary, because feelings, emotions DO transcend time...future time and past time. The negative, traumatic emotions of the past are often the cause of those dreadful emotions of the future that make people over-weight, or nervous, anxious, or abusive of drugs, others, or themselves. These stress emotions can even show up as serious illnesses, incurable or age related diseases.

When the normally Concealed Mind is brought forward, out from behind the Adult, critical mind, and asked to re-experience an emotional event, an event that was talked about when we asked, “How did that make you feel?”, that re-experiencing helps to propel the Inner Mind back to that event or even a similar, earlier event when that emotion was first felt.

When that experience or event is Identified, that is called... Identification.

Using the Intuitive Mind's own resources, that event can now be examined, even in a detached way, if it is too painful, and be defused, or looked at from another point of view. Forgiveness can happen, or the event can be handled in ways that only that client's Inner Mind knows or has to know.

And when that resolution is reached, oft times, the client may find that changing that habit, or accepting positive suggestions for change, becomes more effective and permanent. The pain we have carried around, sometimes from childhood, sometimes from all the way back to our earliest hours, is put to rest.

Now, truthfully, the client, NOR the hypnotist needs to know exactly how the past event or trauma was resolved. In fact, the client, at their own request, can choose not to remember the event at all. Or maybe recall it at a later date, when the client feels stronger or more in control.

This process is one of the methods or tools in the hypnotist's tool shed to put out the fires of the emotions that fuel our body/spirit/mind.

Listen, just being a member of the human race, with all the harmful programming you get from EVEN your parents when you're STILL IN THE WOMB, not to mention the constant pounding your Child-like Inner Mind takes from all the media and advertising and 'do this' and 'don't do that', and peer pressure...

Just to walk into a place that can help you help yourself to remove....maybe not remove...but re-imagine your life as being in YOUR hands for a change,... or the hands of the good and perfect spirit within you...just to experience THAT is so...cathartic....releasing, relieving, comforting, calming, cleansing...[take a breath and relax] and time....transcended....see you next time.

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