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Visualizing Your Future Self

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Did you know that your subconscious mind , the part of your mind you can't access while awake, CAN visualize even if you swear that you just can't visualize anything? How do you think dreams happen? Your mind must have a mind of its own.

When a hypnotist asks you a question while you are in a relaxed state, in a trance state, it is a very powerful thing. Your subconscious, inner mind, when asked a question, will “drop everything” and try to answer the question. It is compelled to do it, can't help itself. If the answer does not come immediately, it will keep working in the background until it finds that answer.

This means that if you do not consciously come to “know” the answer, then your Hidden Mind will keep working until that answer pops into your head, or comes in a dream, or comes as an inspiration.

With that in mind, today, I'd like to talk to the second area that will affect your success in meeting your goal or solving an issue through the Flow Center way and Hitting the Mark.

And that second area is “seeing the vision of your future through guided imagery”.

As I covered in another video, not everyone visualizes, or sees pictures or video clips in their mind's eye. At least, on a Waking Level. And further, that ability has tended to atrophy in this day and age where TV, movies and online videos have taken the place of our visual image-ination.

The fact that we all dream, whether we remember our dreams or not, is proof that we are all capable of visualizing.

This also means that, whether you can consciously visualize or not, your inner, intuitive mind, which can visualize while it is dreaming, can visualize equally as well “in the background” while under hypnosis.

The fact that a stage hypnotist can suggest that you forget what you've just experienced as a post-hypnotic suggestion tells us that your Hidden, Inner Mind can visualize or do a number of things without YOU being aware of it at all.

So, once a client is under hypnosis, we guide that person into imaging or imagining their future, successful self, or... lean and slender self, ...or their brave, new self. The best way is to frame the future setting and then ask the Concealed, Intuitive Mind a few questions.

For instance, in the case of weight control, we suggest the person place themselves in a earlier time where they are experiencing their lean, fit and trim self. Or if they never had an earlier lean version of themselves, to picture someone else's lean body as their own.

We ask them to pretend that they are standing in front of an imaginary mirror, or even better, watching a movie of themselves in their lean, ideal body in a social situation, with themselves as the main character. It may be a few months from now or a couple of years from now.

Then, we will ask them a few questions that fill in the details of their imaginary movie in first or second person, such as, “would you look around you at the room or setting that you're in? What does it sound their music playing? Are the people around you rich or a gathering of people you know? Is it a special occasion, like a Christmas Party or Masquerade or Mardi Gras? What colors, what textures, what features? What is the energy like in the people around you?

Who are the people around you? How are they dressed? How are you dressed? What do these people do for a living? What are they talking about?

How well are you enjoying yourself in your new fit, trim and healthy body? Do you notice a positive change in your confidence, your composure, your happiness?

These questions must be answered by your Concealed, Inner Mind whether you are Mindfully Aware or not. Also, the visualizations asked for are supplied by your Hidden Mind whether you see them in your Waking Mind's eye or not.

This technique also takes advantage of the way your Hidden Mind always lives in the present tense. So it takes the visualization of your future-self and sees no difference between the future YOU, and the YOU relaxing and under hypnosis in the present moment.

And, yes, some of this MAY take place in you Mindful Awareness, but, even if you are a person that thinks and maintains that they simply can't visualize anything, you can absolutely trust that your Subconscious, Hidden Mind DOES think in pictures and videos and is actually putting a face to your new and exciting YOU.

So, just picture that....see you next time.

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