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True or True?

What if everything you thought, saw, heard, smelled, tasted or sensed in any way were ALL true...well, to the Hidden Inner Mind, it is...all of it. True or True?...Imagine that....

You may have heard me or even anyone else mention that one of the aspects of your Inner Hidden Mind is that it accepts things that you imagine, just the same as things that really happen to you. It accepts movies, TV, news, gossip, novels, stories, dreams, day-dreams and stores them with the attached emotion and, to itself, the correct context the same as if you saw it with your own eyes or experienced it in person.

My wife often says I try to put too much into these little five to seven minute vignettes. My dad, Reverend Bob, told me a story once about a friend of theirs who, for his final discourse in preacher school...seminary, as they call it,...he gave a twenty-three point sermon...and the poor guy never lived it down...probably ended up stuck in a church in Kennipoorbunk, Illinois....population forty-seven and a half...I digress...

I wanted to come back to that aspect. Our conscious mind is the part of our intelligence that decides and judges reality. It makes those decisions, on the truth of things, based on the data coming in from all the senses and filtered by other parts of the brain that pre-interpret that data and decide, basically, what you need to know...and I suppose, that's based on eons of trauma-based memory stored in your junk DNA and a lifetime of other collected data.

So, you really don't sense or see reality, just your mind's version of reality. And we don't really know much about our history. After all the word is “His-story”, get it? History is just a story...cherry-picked from the facts. All the news you need to know, and when that news, that's been cherry picked with a purpose in mind, when that news becomes old, it eventually becomes history...which really does not give much solidity to the foundation of our reality. In other words, only know what we've been told. And, supposedly, that “known” history only goes back six or seven thousand years...and humans have probably been walking the planet for a thousand times longer than that.

Anyway, with that in mind, I'd like to relate a story that has to do with something that has always concerned me and I'm sure many others and that concern becomes more relevant as the season of our lives begin to fill with snow....sleet....frozen ponds....and puddles...icicles....

Imagine that a man, let's call him Charlie, leaves his son, Tom, off at the airport for a routine business flight at the O'Hare Chicago... one snowy, December evening. He drives back home to the burbs and goes to bed that night, wakes up the next morning and sees on the morning news that the flight his son was suppose to be on had crashed and all aboard were lost.

Charlie goes into extreme grief....he sobs uncontrollably...his sinuses swell up so bad that his head is pounding and he can find no relief...his whole body goes into shock and his whole mind has been kidnapped, he has withdrawn, and has become devoted to the memory of his son. Within a day, he looks as though he has age twenty or thirty years, his skin is gray, and he stumbles around and mutters to himself as if he had Alzheimer's or dementia.

To a person that did not know of the man's circumstances, Charlie would look sick...diseased. In fact, Charlie would be sick, so sick that his wife...who is dealing with this also...and his friends would be afraid that his broken heart would...well,...become a real broken heart and he might just die.

So, suppose that Tom, his son, suddenly walks through the door, wondering what's going on. He says he decided to take a later flight, dropped his phone in a puddle of slush outside the Cleveland Airport, meant to call or get a replacement, but one thing led to another on his business trip...and here he is.

Aside from being a bit miffed at his son, Charlie would be hugging him so hard he might crack one or two of Tom's ribs and Charlie's whole body would be going through a resurrection, ...headache forgotten, sinuses clear, skin normal shade...face and countenance beaming...his whole perceived health completely turned around to the positive within minutes. Almost like a medical miracle...almost like a Biblical Healing.

Charlie's whole bout of was caused by his mind and emotions. And the cure, was caused by his mind. His dis-ease...had all been manifested the false conclusion that he had lost his son...the false perception that his mind had taken for the truth.

We all act on what we think of as truth...our minds can take that truth...or truth....and can make us sick...and also can make us well...depending on what we are told IS the truth...and our belief in it. In many ways, we are all Charlie...

The truth is not out there....the truth is in here...and that truth is true, whether it's true or...true...or is it? Hmm?

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