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There's More To It Than That

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I've noticed that when people see a hypnosis show, they think that just giving some suggestions while a person is under hypnosis is all there is to it, to change their behavior. Well, I've got news for you!

The other day, I did a group session on Zoom, as a guest of my wife, Jill, who is a Certified Health Coach. The group, a dozen or so, was involved in a week-long dietary cleanse and my part was to show people how to achieve the Alpha State themselves, to relax and de-stress themselves, and to visualize themselves in the future having a slim, trim, and fit body.

The clients really enjoyed the session and I had a lot of good response, however, sometimes, when I do these things, I don't have time to let them know that there is more to clinical hypnosis than just teaching you how to be hypnotized and giving a few temporary, positive suggestions.

The first formal session in our office, or over the phone, just as good, is merely us finding out about each other and also diving into the issue that brought you to us. We do a few tests to see how best we can lead you into the trance state. Then we outline a rough plan to go about addressing that issue, suggesting some homework to do.

And if there is time, we will take you through a short hypnosis session so you can start feeling comfortable with this state, or rather experience it as something you are able to induce, at a time of your own choosing, instead of it just happening to you throughout your day, willy-nilly, as it has been all of your life.

We then send you a recording of the session which you should take time every day to sit down, relax, and play,...practice going into the relaxed state till we see you again. You see, every time you go into that relaxed state, you get better at achieving a deeper level, quicker, and get more used to the experience, as well as enjoying the benefits of just relaxing your body and mind in the Alpha State.

So, what we DO in that first session is sort of like triage, where we interview you and find out what the issue is,...and then it's like first aid, where we give you some positive suggestions which often appear to help you deal with your issue....temporarily.

You see, there are very few people, that come to see us, whose issue can be resolved in a lasting manner, with just a few positive suggestions. Almost always, the positive suggestions given in the first imagineering session tend to be temporary because the more powerful Hidden Inner Mind usually has a very good, protective reason to continue the old, destructive behavior. It has its own logic, twisted or unfounded as it is.

This is why, if you really want to resolve your issue, the one you came to see us for, you must come back a few times to dig in and get it done, for good.

This is why we talked about the six areas that need to be covered in the last few videos.

Sometimes, a client will come in, scared to get on a passenger jet, and has to fly somewhere this Friday to keep his job. We give him the first session's positive suggestions and such and then never hear from him again.

We assume the suggestions worked for that Friday flight, or that client was one of those rare persons that can be permanently helped with just a few superficial phrases and implanted imagery, or, what we most fear, is that the temporary “first aid” did not work very well or he didn't spend time with the recording of the session everyday to reinforce the session, and now that former client is telling his friends that he tried hypnosis and it just didn't work.

Listen, here's the take-away, the Big BL, the Bottom Line, the Whole Enchilada: To “get 'er done”, to be thorough, to make it last, “ya' gotta do the work”. It's a process...give it time and always continue to “talk yourself INto it”.

“Ya' gotta do the work...” Hmmm.....see you soon.

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