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The Sub-Conscious Always Wins

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In America, we have the freedom to make decisions and plans for our future. We have what we call “free will”. We can decide to do anything we want, really.

That's the freedom we give our conscious, waking, rational mind. But most of us are slaves to our sub-conscious desires and emotions. The conscious mind is the seat of the rational. The sub-conscious mind is where the imagination lives. When there is a disagreement between the imagination and the rational, the sub-conscious imagination wins.

One of the studies I ran across while doing the last episode said that we consciously experience only one one-hundredth of one percent of the brain's activities with our conscious mind. That's like, the sub-conscious mind is watching 10, 000 movies simultaneously, while the conscious mind is only watching One.

Your will power is a quality of your conscious mind. So your willpower has about a 1 in 10,000 chance of success when you want to, say, quit smoking and your sub-conscious mind has a very good reason to want to continue. Or losing weight, or feeling enthusiastic, or improving your memory, or any other quality of human mentation that was on the wish list in that recent movie and TV show, “Limitless”.

Bottom line, whenever the conscious and sub-conscious are in conflict, the sub-conscious always wins, hands down. Hypnosis is a reliable work-around for your conscious goals, plans and desires to be implanted into the imagination of your sub-conscious.

And, yes, as I've covered before, there are other ways besides hypnosis to impress a desire onto the sub-conscious mind . Like when you dream, you, the conscious you, as far as you can recall what you dreamt, you have a window that is opened, nightly, into your sub-conscious. Then morning comes and that window is slammed shut, and even if you write down your dreams in a journal, you only remember fleeting glimpses, impressions, emotions, sometime multi-sensory clips of the last dream of the night.

Hypnosis or self-hypnosis gives you a door that you can open and close at will. You can even “step into the room” and orchestrate the whole panorama. This doesn't come automatically.

You have to practice it daily to get better; better at imaging, pretending, visualizing....but also....better and by every way.

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