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The Power of the Super-conscious Mind

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Comparing the Subconscious Mind to the Conscious Mind might be like comparing a city-sized iceberg to a snowball, but comparing both to the Super-conscious might be like comparing our planet to the entire universe.

Last time we talked about the Subconscious mind and it's power and complexity...all the things it does for us. And even then, just that was like scraping together a snowball off a city-sized iceberg.

We ended with dreams and how some of these dreams came from a part of the mind that no-one has located yet in the world of science.

Just to back up from the title subject a little, if you compare function of the subconscious to the internal hard drive in your computer and the ram and central processor to the conscious mind, then the Super-conscious could be considered the Cloud, the World Wide Web. I'm only talking from an average user's point of view, here. I'm not an IT expert or anything like that. Just giving out some free context.

Just as visualizing the iceberg as a comparison of the conscious to the subconscious is kinda inadequate, the computer analogy is just as misleading or short-falling, so to speak. There's so much more to it than that.

When you get into a discussion of the super-conscious, you start infringing on religion, philosophy and metaphysics as well as a dozen or more alternative mental treatments like Psych-K, Emotion Code, Neuro-Linguistics, and Emotional Freedom Techniques, Clinical Kinesiology, and Nambutripad Allergy Elimination Technique, to name a few.

Karl Jung started it all with his concept of the collective consciousness, aka, the Akashic Record. You can look these up on the internet. Just as the subconscious in an individual person records, processes and stores, everything that a person senses or broadcasts in every instant of every second of their life, the super-conscious does the same thing for every conscious being....probably in the universe...that is, if we humans are not just a fluke in the bizillion planets, circling bizillions of stars, in bizillions of galaxies, in all the bizillions of years of this universe's existence ...

Supposedly, all this information, wisdom, and knowledge, is available to the subconscious mind in a instant at infinite band-width. An infinite volume hard-drive accessible instantaneously for all individual consciousness. Now that alone should be the major reason to search for the limitless pill!

And just thinking of this access to a universal hard-drive is a bit overwhelming, but what if you also had access to forces that could alter your life, as well?

F'instance, how would your like change if you had access to Infinite Life? I mean, perfect health, perfect healing, perfect gardening, perfect healthy eating of perfect food, freedom from the ravages of age?

Or how about access to Infinite, Unchangeable Truth...Truth that has been true always in all situations, not only knowing when you're lied to, but altering the one lying to you into telling you the truth, or discerning where to go to get the facts when you're trying to fix something or design something without wasting any time on rabbit holes. That would be Infinite Intelligence.

How about access to Infinite Substance or Principle...the very Substance of Beauty that makes Beauty beautiful...the asserting or restoring Infinite Balance in every universal principle....or in other words, laws of nature.

Or how about access to Infinite Love? Infinite Soul or Spirit....see, now we get into religion and the attributes of not only the Super-conscious, but super-consciousness with a super personality...and not just a super human personality, but every bit of the emotions that we each are able to express, only without any limitation we humans have, no human limitation on emotions, life, truth, love, intelligence, soul, spirit, substance, or principles...the balancing of laws of nature...none....Infinite....

Listen, what if we had access to THAT...or to....HIM...for lack of a better pronoun....? To the Infinite...maybe that's the sum of the entire history of humanity...gaining connectivity with and to the Infinite...everything's been there all along...electricity, petroleum....chemistry, physics....all there for billions of years...and will be for billions more...and we humans are only tapping into it in the last couple-a-three centuries...

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius....

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