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The Power of the Subconscious Mind

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Everyone has heard about the subconscious mind. Heck, everyone has one. But what is it? What does it do? What does it know? Well, wouldn't you LIKE to know....or...wouldn't YOU like to know? Hmmm?…............

Subconscious Mind, Unconscious Mind, Hidden Mind, Inmost Mind, Inner Mind, Intuitive Mind, Repressed Mind, Subliminal Mind, Suppressed Mind...I'm sure you could make up a few...

The Bible calls it the Heart. And it was thought of as the heart for most of history. In fact, the biological heart was not really thought of until maybe Michelangelo or Leonardo's day when they began to do what we now know as autopsies.

However, I'm sure that many warriors...and warrior kings knew that it was the power-source of the body, I mean the physical heart was, because it was much prized in many primitive societies. But, I'm off on a tangent again.

Basically, the Subconscious Mind is the mind you have below your conscious awareness. You run smack-dab into it every night when you sleep and dream.

So, what all IS below your conscious awareness. Well, I'll take a stab at it and say that anything in your body that has life, that you don't have to think about, is controlled or regulated by the subconscious mind.

So, what is all that?

All your organs, your lymphatic system, your circulatory system, your nervous system that includes everything except parts of your fore-brain. Your immune system, all the systems involved with healing a wound or a piercing of the skin the breaking of a bone. There's probably a bunch I missed, like the intelligence or sub-programs that are taking care of the nourishment and waste removal of each of the tens of trillions of living cells in your body.

As far as what's going on topside, the subconscious takes in all information from five senses every instant of every second of every minute of every day of our lives and stores it, processes it, puts it into context, perhaps stored with what emotion was attached to it, if any, and filters it into our conscious awareness at a minuscule rate of only about 140 bits at a time so we are not consciously overwhelmed with it all.

There's probably a few senses we're not even aware we have that makes up our intuition, like detection of pheromones, detection of invisible but none-the-less real electrical and magnetic fields we literally swim in these days, including the ones we probably generate ourselves and interact with those generated by the people around us. Circadian rhythms, the rhythms of the earth and the planets, and solar & cosmic radiation, and so on and on.

How about the interactions between our subconscious and our DNA, where traumatic events in our lives are imprinted on the “junk” part of our DNA as genomic memory and perhaps passed along to our off-spring...I mean, how do you know to be scared of spiders or tigers or snakes the first time you see them in your life? Or how did you know to chew your food or blink your eyes?

The subconscious mind houses all the sub-routines, that is, all the repetitive tasks you've had to use over and over by the conscious mind until they became habit, routine, walking, riding a bike, using a phone, driving a car...or...smoking a cigarette, chewing your nails, eating the wrong foods, gambling...good habits as well as destructive habits.

The old concept of the conscious mind being the tip of the iceberg compared to subconscious being the part of the iceberg that's underwater may be woefully short-sighted. It's probably more like an ant to elephant comparison or champagne bubble to hot air balloon.

The brain is made up of a bunch of different a computer....or maybe it's the other way around. It's amazing mankind knows what it does, of the functions of these different parts, when you think about it...hard to imagine finding out about how a brain works, you know, surgically, without damaging how it works...while you're trying to find out...brave souls that put themselves under the knife...and probably don't even know it...cause they can't really remember it...hmmm...

Brings to mind the fact that they don't really know where what we call “the mind” is. It turns out that the heart has a bunch of nerve and brain cells might be where part of the emotions really do come from. The intestines also are another major nerve center with brain-like functions. Gives new meaning to have a “gut feeling” about something.

And finally....the mysterious world of dreams. Dreams are what our conscious minds see while the subconscious is processing all the day's data it collected and putting it into some relationship with all the past data it's collected...and all through history, dreams have also touched upon another part of the mind, whose location is very hard to pin down in the body.

These kind of dreams are other worldly, prophetic, even, and tie in with the subject of our next episode because these dreams, these visions, are touched by the Infinite....with a capital “Eye”...

Eye'll see you soon.....

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