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The Open Door to Your Inner Mind

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When you were young, your mind was an open door, sucking every new thing into it like a sponge. Around age nine, judgment came along and started filtering any new information and filing it away. A guard was now at that gate. Hypnosis is a handy tool, a key to opening that door again, and moving the furniture around in the room, maybe even refurbishing it, or replacing it with something newer, better.

It's an inspirational speaker's job to move the crowd to emotion, because emotion opens a portal directly into the subconscious mind. If a speaker can connect with you emotionally, his message will stay with you, probably for life. You may not remember his words, but you will remember the message and the emotion attached to it. Yes, the emotions are the open door to your subconscious.

That is why, when we are in the initial interview with a first time client, and they relate something that brings them to tears, we may not even get to a formal induction, where the client relaxes in a reclining chair and we go through a relaxation exercise and so on.

Say, a client has some childhood trauma dealt out by a parent and is brought to tears in relating it. One of the on-the-fly ways to respond, for us, might be to suggest to the client that they pretend that that parent is sitting in the chair right next to them and to have a confrontation, a conversation, right there and then.

We always assume that when the person comes through the door to our office, they are a little hypnotized already, and if they are brought to tears while we are having a conversation, that they are, in effect, in a hypnotic state at that point, automatically.

Again, back to the inspirational speaker. If the crowd is brought to strong emotion, their critical conscious mind is set aside or bypassed and the speaker's message is easily implanted in their subconscious, nourished and rooted by the emotions.

So emotions are a way that suggestions can be implanted into the subconscious. Most people are unaware or really don't think about the effect that emotions have on their lives. It has a lot to do with each person's perception of reality.

You see, we don't actually experience the real things around us. This is a fact of life. I'm talking about, right down to the microscopic cellular level.

Take our eyes, for instance. They are biological cameras, basically. Just like a regular camera, the image comes in upside down onto the retina. Nerve impulses transmit the image to the part of the brain that decides what to notice and what to ignore where the image is compared to past images collected over a lifetime so that the brain has some context and knows what it is actually looking at. Then the image is reconstructed in another part of the brain where you actually “see” it.

When there is no image coming in through the eyes, your mind constructs images anyway, like when you are daydreaming or asleep and dreaming.

So, you are really not actually experiencing the real image, only a model of it in your mind. And you react to that model, not to the actual thing you are looking at. The same goes for your other 4 senses, 5 if you count the emotions as a sense.

Your senses, all put together, collect the data from outside your body. The models your mind puts together from that data are....fueled by the emotions.

Eat an olive and an image comes up about that day in New Orleans when you had that muffaletta sandwich with Harv and how inspired you felt at the table just listening to the positive sales ideas he was so excited about.

Hear an old tune and that high school dance comes up where you were trying to get up the courage to ask May Su to dance with you while trying to hide the taste of vodka on your breath from the punch somebody had spiked.

Smell a rose and that time when your dad came home drunk and beat the crap out of you and threw you out the front door into the rose bushes comes up. And you couldn't do anything but cry. Couldn't go back inside for the fear. Couldn't understand why he was so mean. Can't understand why the smell of roses makes you wheeze. Or going up the walk to meet a sales client at his front door makes you break out in a rash or makes your feet hurt.

I hope you get the picture. Advertisers and politicians and media programmers count on traumatizing and emotionalizing you constantly, because they know it is a free pass right into your sacred inner mind.......

Wouldn't you like to use that little trick of the human mind to HEAL yourself? To take command of your own thoughts and feelings for a change? Understanding this stuff, or going to a Clinical Hypnotist, puts the reigns to your mind back in your hands for a change. Powerful good stuff, powerful

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