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The Mind of a Child

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The computers of today, our smart devices, are modeled on the sub-conscious mind. I suppose the Operating System, OS, Windows, Linux, would be the reality, or real world, interface....the Conscious Mind if you will.

You've heard of GIGO, garbage in, garbage out. Well, that is a feature of the computer. You put lies, misinterpretations, half-truths, mischaractarizations, misinformation, into the computer, then everything that comes out and is built upon after that is corrupted. The original bad data has to be replaced with good or not only will the computer operate badly or not at all, but it will operate worse and worse going forward in time.

Your sub-conscious works the same way.

Up to about the age of 9 or 10...and now in the year 2020, that could be as old as 11 or 12 for boys and 7 or 8 for girls, but who knows? Up to that age, you have a sub-conscious mind, a conscious mind, but no critical guard standing at the gate in between. Everything that goes into a child's mind up to that age is considered Gospel Truth to the child's sub-conscious mind.

“You never do anything right!”

“You hate spinach? You are such a finicky eater.”

“Go stand in a corner!!”

And it comes true. That last one, go stand in a corner, is one that is near and dear to me. I used to get that in grade school, so I actually fulfilled that demand daily by cutting up and being sent to the “Cloak Room”. That's where I got my grade school education. I used to go to the library every two weeks and check out about 10 new books to read while I did time in the “Cloak Room”.

And the 2nd grade teacher told the 3rd grade teacher and so on, and I spent my entire grade school, it seems, in the Cloak Room. Except when Mr. Conrady, the Jr. Hi School Band director, came into my 6th grade class and said if we wanted to learn an instrument and play in the band next year, we could get out of class on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. And that led me into a lifetime career of Musical Entertainment, because you had to go stand in a corner to sing or practice saxophone because the sound bouncing back to your ears is hi-fidelity and in stereo, and then on the stage, behind the microphone is probably the most isolated and safest part of the room....

Just a personal story....point is, a child's behavior is shaped and built upon by these misconceptions, by these insults, said or shouted, fueled with a lot of emotion.

Good news is, using hypnosis as a tool, and knowing that the sub-conscious mind, just like the immune system of the body, knows everything about you and how to correct it, you can correct your base code and little by little, session by session, rebuild your self-image, cast off the anchors, and set sail to an amazing destiny.

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