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The Cause of Symptoms That We Call “Dis-ease”

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

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In previous episodes, I suggested that being over-weight and/or being obese is the most visible sign that something is wrong with the body. I suggested, further, that those extra pounds cause the body to malfunction in many other ways.

The apparent cure for all of these symptoms is to lose weight and keep it off, and start a sustainable daily exercise program.

That's a really simple idea. [Voice of Yoda:] To think of, easy. To do, very hard.

You may have decided to LOSE weight. And your body seems to always be able to FIND it, and more.

You may have tried pills, or several of over 100 popular diets, or invasive, dangerous the way, all surgery, yes, even dental surgery, is invasive, risky and dangerous.

Pills maybe addictive and expensive, whether prescribed, over-the-counter, or illegal. And when you get off them, or can no longer afford them, or their side-effects become overwhelming, you gain the weight back. They are like a crutch.

The word “diet” means, to most people, that it is something temporary that you do until you reach your target weight...if you do have a target weight...which is real important...if you're “dieting”. And when you finally either reach that target weight, or just give up, the weight comes back on like the weight scale was spring loaded.

And surgery, well that will last for a while. But the body re-adapts, and eventually, the weight comes back. And as I said, all surgery is very risky to your health. That's why they almost always let you know the statistical chances of success...or failure. Just suggesting, that's all I do.

Most diets don't work for 3 reasons: your body/mind always adapts to the new eating paradigm within a few days and puts new effort into maintaining your over-weight, you are using conscious will-power which you must keep laser-focused constantly, and your body and subconscious mind might have a very good reason for keeping you large.

So, I'll laser-focus in on each of these 3 reasons why your body resists your wish to be lean in the next few episodes.

Now, is it will-power, or won't power? You decide....

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