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The Battle Begins with the Brain

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In the last three episodes, we went dug down into three reasons why you may not be able to control your weight.

The first one is that your body quickly adapts to any new diet and you hit a plateau that is hard to get past. And the only logical thing to defeat that is to switch up diets every other day.

One way that could work is staying two days or less on a fruit fast, then switch to a veggies and potato day only diet, then to, maybe fruits and veggies only, no starch, then the next day, back to a fruit and smoothie day, then a carnivore day, then a paleo day, then back to a fruit fast, and so on, maybe in a one week cycle.

The second reason was the battle between your conscious mind and subconscious mind, and that your conscious mind has little chance to do what the subconscious refuses to do. It has to do with the overwhelming imbalance of the power and magnitude of the two parts of your mind.

Which brought us to the third reason, that your subconscious mind might have a very good and logical reason, to it, for refusing to budge on the bulge. And once your hypnotist guides your subconscious into discovering and addressing those reasons on a subconscious level, the positive suggestions for reaching your perfect desired weight or goal have a much better chance to work and last, to become anchored as a new paradigm in your mind.

Transforming your mind transforms your life. But it starts with your mind.

I often use weight control as an example of what hypnosis can do because excessive weight is the root of a lot of the degenerative and age-related onset diseases our country suffers. Success in controlling weight is also probably the most visible signs of progress.

Most people can't really tell if you are an ex-smoker, or that you are more motivated, or less stressed, more in control of your life, by just looking at you physically. But they will notice if you have lost a certain amount of weight and are keeping it off. Or they might notice the difference in what you eat if you are with them at a restaurant.

Here, at the Flow Center, we have programs, packages, for many common issues that people suffer from. Becoming a non-smoker, stress management, personal motivation...

But I'd like to begin focusing on our exciting weight release program. It is a program that lasts, usually, for 5 months. In the first month, you will be having weekly sessions that are like plowing the ground, preparing the soil. The first month of sessions is preparing your mind and getting to some of those issues in your life that cause you to fail at maintaining a new eating plan.

We address six areas that affect your success in reaching your new weight goal starting with your desire, your motivation and getting clear on why, exactly, and emphatically, YOU, want to shed weight. It is THE “why”, THE reason that will personally motivate you again and again, fire you up, and emotionally propel you to Hitting the Mark of achieving and maintaining the new perfect you.We'll dig into the other five areas of our 5-MONTH WEIGHT RELEASE PROGRAM in the next few videos.

Listen, we were all made to transform our minds, transform our emotions, transform our spirits, and manifest that transformation by transforming our bodies....and transforming our lives. The tools we need are not magic, but they are inside our selves....

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