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Seniors & Anxiety

I'm Roger Simpson, the Seasoned...Citizen Hypnotist at in Dallas, Texas.

Seniors, or should I say, Seasoned Citizens have just as high a percentage of Anxiety and other related issues as the general population. But, those issues and the triggers for those issues can be somewhat different than for younger age groups.

For instance, anxiety over finances for younger people involve the knowledge that, whatever the financial blow, it can be reversed or recovered from, because they have the time and the energy in their lives to still do something about it.

The same blow, to a Seasoned Citizen, seems and often is, more permanent because they don't feel that they have the time, or the energy. This can make what seems to be a moderate setback to someone younger, seem life-threatening to a Seasoned Citizen.

The upside is that a Seasoned Citizen has far more life experience than a younger person. This is an advantage when it comes to the sub-conscious mind and how "it", (which is really you) deals with it. A Seasoned Citizen has more experiences and knows that very few of the things people actually worry about ever come true. They also have a number of mental images and "documentaries" of what positive recoveries actually look like.

Next time, I'll give my fellow Seasoned Citizens a little tip on how to safely handle anxiety. This is Roger Simpson for Come in and see us, or give us a call. We can help. Drug-Free, Organically. Consultation is always free. Links are below. Remember, you are the Seasoned Citizen, and your positive life experiences are your most important asset.

Valerie Grimes, Hypnotist and Director at The Flow Center. Specializing in behavior change since 2002. weight loss, smoking cessation, alcohol, stress, anxiety, anti-aging, positive outlook, and sleep problems.

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