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Riding the Pale Horse

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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse...symbols for something, obviously. These symbols have been interpreted by many great thinkers...I am not one of them...never have been...but what if you took those four symbols and applied them to human beings being human? Forget all that other stuff for a few of these episodes...and we'll take a look at them on the TV monitor in the Peaceful Place of our Inner Minds.

Have you ever noticed how many things seem to come in fours:

Four main compass points, the Four Gospels of the Bible, the Beatles, Kirk, Spock, Bones, & Scotty, the four seasons, the four elements: earth-air-fire-water, four sides to the Great Pyramid...why not just three?

And that's just to name a few...

So, in the Bible's last book, the Revelation, there's another fab Four, and I find that they could relate to the four aspects of every person...

Those four aspects being:

1] the Body that lives in the World we can perceive through our five senses, the world of matter, energy, space and time, things...the physical universe;

2] The emotions, the fuel that drives our desires, our lives, our passions, our mission...they are either emotions relating to our past, like guilt, hate or shame,...confidence...or emotions related to our future, like worry, anxiety, dread...hope;

3] The Intellect, the Psyche, the soul, the One looking out at the world from behind our eyes, our personal point of view, the conscious mind and its support team, where we plan, scheme, create, judge, discern, decide, analyze; AND

4] The Spirit, the one, that doesn't decay, die, or wear out, the eternal, infinite part of us

The Famous Four in Revelation, and this is in reverse order of their appearance, is the Pale Horse, the Red Horse, the Black Horse and the White Horse...and the Horsemen who ride them.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Now, when we hear the word Apocalypse, our minds might call up pictures of ultimate war and oceans of blood and horses foaming at the mouth, or gory scenes from that Mel Gibson movie of a similar name about the Aztecs.

But the word Apocalypse actually means revelation (reveal-ation), disclosure, or discovery. So, you could actually call them the Four Horses of Revealing, or Reveal-ment, or Reveal-ation.

The first horse, or force, I'm covering here in this first-will-be-the-last way, is the Pale Horse. In the Greek, the word for pale is actually “chloros” in the word, for some reason, they translated it should have read “Green Horse”, but I guess the translators thought the writer of Revelation was talking about real horses and whoever heard of a Green Horse?

The actual King James scripture is: “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”

Now, I'm not an ancient Greek scholar, but I like to look up every word of a scripture I study, it's like solving a crossword puzzle...and reading it word for word from the ancient Greek to English dictionary, it would go something a little like this:

“And I looked again and saw a green horse. And the name of the one sitting upon him: Death, the final kind of death, the Grave following after him. The Power of Choice was granted to them over a fourth of the Land to mortally kill and destroy by javelin and famine, and by separation of the soul from the body, and by brutal men and women of the world.”

Now I'm not saying that those javelins are prophetic of ICMB nukes, in fact, today, I'm merely using this Bible verse in a totally symbolic way. In other words, I think, if the writer of this verse was thinking in a symbolic way, is that living your life IN an exclusively physical way...meaning, experiencing or grabbing as much stuff of the world, like sex, greed, power, money, gambling, know the your life that way causes you to burn out your sense of right and wrong, good and bad,...bottom line, love and its opposite, fear.

And one fourth of your total beingness will be destroyed. And if you do gather all those material things and experiences up, looking back on your life at life's final moments will seem pretty empty. Eventually, you will become too old to hold off or defend yourself against the other ruthless people that you've surrounded yourself with.

There's a couple of episodes from the old TV show, the Twilight Zone. One of the shows featured a “two-bit hood” who died and thought he went to heaven. The “Saint Peter” character, who was showing him around, supplied him with the most luxurious accommodations, the finest booze, broads, and outfits and plenty of money, jewelry, and any time he gambled or played the stock market, hmm, that was redundant,.....he won big, every time. After a few weeks or months of this, he went into a rage because of always winning and having every wish, desire and whim fulfilled. “I thought this was supposed to be Heaven!!” he exclaimed. And “Saint Pete” answered, “Whatever made you think you were in Heaven?”

And my final story of the day is another Twilight Zone story about a man, a hypochondriac, who sells his soul to Satan for Eternal Life. He thinks he's got the better of Old Twist, because he can't die, so the Devil can never collect. So because he's invulnerable to death, he keeps trying more and more outrageous risks, like jumping off of buildings or jumping in front of buses. His wife was the henpecking sort, and he kills her in a senseless argument, commenting, “Let's give the ole Electric Chair a little whirl.” Turns out, the pour soul was not granted the death penalty, but got a LIFE sentence.

If you have a tendency to view the world from atop the Pale Green Horse, then, life can seem a little hollow. And the Green Horse is fueled by death, and fear....Listen, you are just as precious, important, and unique as anyone else on this planet. There's so much more on this planet, to this life, than comparing yourself, your wealth, your LUCK, to others. A full life is a balance between the Four Horses.

Book an appointment with us now for a life...balance-job...reign those horses in....

High-Oh Silver....away

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