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Repetition Reframed

Updated: May 27, 2020

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I'd like you to close your eyes and allow yourself to pretend you are in are in the small city of Nancy, France, just 20 miles this side of the German Border. It's population is just over 100,000, and has been for over a hundred years. Imagine that it is the year 1921 in the early summer. The war is over and France, this time, was victorious.

You are walking down a peaceful street, the rue Jeanne d'Arc. At the end of the street, you enter a peaceful garden surrounding a two-story brick building and a smaller one story building. You look at the swaying trees and realize they are cherry and plum trees because their smaller branches are drooping, weighted down by their fruit, and you see many people walking the garden, chatting with each other among the flower and strawberry beds.

The smaller, one story structure is filled with people waiting for the doctor to arrive at 9am to tend to them. There is a man helped along by his daughter, barely able to shuffle along, a blacksmith who hasn't raised his arm above his shoulder in 10 years due to the pain, a woman who is clearly emotional and at the end of her nerves, among many others.

The doctor arrives and spends about an hour walking around the waiting room and hearing each person's reason for being there, and he assures them that they will be healed, no matter who is there. The patients are there because of the doctor's reputation and success with healing many, no matter the malady, for the last 20 years.

This doctor's name is Emile Coue. You might know him for his famous affirmation, “Every Day, in Every Way, I am getting better and better.”

Now, Dr. Coue treated them at his clinic with what he called auto-suggestion. Suggestions, in an apparent conscious, waking state, were what he did, but they weren't auto-suggestions until the client heard the suggestions, and the clients sub-conscious mind received them. I won't go into his procedure, but it is quite amazing, and is a little like faith-healing.But once those suggestions became auto-suggestions to the SCM, he did prescribe his famous affirmation, repeated over and over 20 times, three times a day, as something the client did at home between treatments, and then on and on until healing occurred. His success at healing was legendary.

Yes, you can effect change in your life by saying affirmations over and over consciously and verbally, but it takes a long time, and repeating the desire thousands of times. Most people don't have the persistence to do this. That is why affirmations, implanted in the sub-conscious mind, is by far the preferred method that has evolved in the field of clinical hypnosis over the years. It's quite American. It's fast and effective. Give it a try....

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