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Reality and Dreams are the Same

You know, one of the quirks about the subconscious mind is that it believes everything it's told. Things that you imagine,...image, pretend, picture, visualize, ….these things are as true and real to the subconscious mind as something that really happens.

If you think about it, everything we experience is something our brains have processed and is, in fact, what we imagine. We call this perception, or perceiving.

For example, picture the last TV Police Detective Show you watched. Something ubiquitous happens every time, almost unnoticed. The lead Detective gets on the scene and tells the Uniforms or subordinates to canvass the neighborhood for witnesses, you know, if they saw or heard anything that would help the investigation.

The reason for this is everybody's eyes see the same thing, but the mind processes it differently from person to person. The eye really does NOT see. It is merely a biological camera. The image comes in projected upside-down on the retina and the optic nerves transmit the image signals to a part of your brain that re-assembles that image and then compares it to the images you've seen and stored in your lifetime for context, so you can tell what it is you're actually looking at. Also, all the emotions you felt when you stored that comparative image are combined with all the emotions you're feeling about what you're seeing in the present.

Sounds complicated, but the bottom line is that the eye, the camera, records the image faithfully but the brain always puts it's own spin on it. Different witnesses will not only literally have different points of view, but will have different opinions of what they just saw. And your mind will take that finished product, if you will, as gospel truth. Speaking of gospel truth, even in the Gospels of the Bible, the writers of the first four books of the New Testament had different accounts of the same events, differing in the number of people involved, when in the sequence of events they occurred, and so on.

So, back to the point of this video. Your subconscious mind sees everything you imagine, picture, pretend or visualize as the same as a real event, especially if your emotions are involved.

If we are still shut-ins under house arrest when this video is premiered, then anxiety about the future, especially about employment and the downsides of prolonged boredom are a real and present problem. But it doesn't have to get the better of you. For one thing, we're still allowed to take walks. My wife and I take a daily half-hour walk around the neighborhood.

But, in some of our future episodes, I want to take you to some of the places that may give you some peace. We'll do this using the hypnosis technique of visualization....that involve all your senses.......movies of the of your mind...window to the “real” world....

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