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Putting Yourself Up

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Would you like to believe that you ARE important, just as important as anyone else on this planet. Would you like to never again accept being put down or accepting the way that you feel, put down? We got that included with every session.….................

Last time we talked about about “New Beliefs for Old”....

Imprinting new beliefs about yourself, new positive beliefs, makes it much easier to face the next thing on our list that we address in the first month of the Flow Center's 5-MONTH WEIGHT RELEASE PROGRAM.

Once belief in failure is replaced in your Hidden Inner Mind with belief in your success, then addressing negative self-talk is much easier than with other similar programs.

At sometime during a new eating paradigm, a person can actually talk themselves into giving up. It might go something a little like this, “Shoots, brah, I couldn't help eating those fudge brownies...I just couldn't stop myself. I never can stop myself. I'll never loose weight. I love my fudge brownies...” and so on.

After imprinting the new beliefs, that kind of neg self-talk is less likely to happen.

But... if it does, then,..... …..hit the DELETE Button and replace it with a positive statement. You can talk yourself back into it just as easily as talking yourself out of it.

That would go something a little like this: “Ok, I blew it with the fudge brownies....but my mind is was created to be infinite...and it was created to live in success, and therefore, I will learn from this. That eating incident has been put right out of my mind, and the next time I'm tempted, I'll go to my freak-out list and have something to eat from that. When I get hungry again, I'll eat a proper meal or snack.”

It's much easier to do that when your new beliefs about yourself have been imprinted and you use, awareness, consciousness, mindfulness, to police your thoughts with the DELETE Button. After only a week of doing that on purpose, it starts to become a good habit.

One thing we always end each session with is two items we call Ego Strengthening & Assertiveness Training.

While under the relaxed, trance part of our session, we ask every part of your mind to be in agreement with the statement that “every human being is important and unique”. Then we move on to every part of the mind being in agreement that YOU are just as important, good, and unique as any other human being on the planet...since you've already agreed that all humans are important and unique, and ALL includes YOU.

Then, before YOU leave relaxed state, we have every part of your mind make a solemn promise to never put themselves or their emotions down. Then we have them pledge never to let anyone ELSE put them or their emotions down. And the third solemn vow is that they never, knowingly, put anyone else down.

That is called Assertiveness Training. These sound like almost ridiculously simple things to cover in a hypnosis session, but you would be surprised at how little most people think of themselves. How little they think or hear about themselves in their entire lives that they ARE worth their weight in gold and are very unique and precious. They don't have to get mad, but they don't have to take it any more. Especially, from themselves.

In fact, in the first chapter of Dale Carnegie's “How to Win Friends” he says, “never criticize, condemn, or complain” to others. How many people that want to have a better, happier life, might go to the trouble of applying that advice, yet don't apply that to themselves.

Listen, if for no other reason, YOU try hypnosis to better your life, just this ridiculously simple exercise at the end of our trance sessions may be worth the world to your future and happiness in this one precious life that you live.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE IT ANYMORRRRRE.....see you next time.

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