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New Beliefs for Old

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"I am confident and at ease when I fly....or walk into an elevator...or cross a bridge...or release 30 pounds"...easy to say, but do you, can you, really, deep down to your core, believe that?

Remember your “why”? That you've got to have a strong, specific motivation that you feel with passion? A very strong reason for wanting to change yourself? Having a strong reason to change is primary in changing your behavior, but believing you can change, that a new way to live, believing that you really can transform your mind and transform your life also requires an iron-clad belief deep down in your Inmost Mind.

This relates to the 3rd area that we cover at the Flow Center in Hitting the Mark, the Bullseye of your goal. Your reason for coming to us for help.

We call this “Old Belief Removal and New Belief Imprint”.

We start by asking you questions about what is troubling you, what your issue for seeing us is, what you want to accomplish with us.

“I want to lose weight!”

Well, that's a good starting point. But the Clandestine, Inner Mind is quite literal, it only lives in the present moment, and does not understand negatives like “not”, “no”, “don't”, “can't” or “lose” or “quit”. If you tell your Sub-cognizant Mind that you want to lose weight, it will think you “lost” something and rebel, and then try to “find” that weight and as much more of it as it possibly can.

So, in Belief Removal and Replacement, we have to work on your wish from the viewpoint of “What do I want, instead?”

“I want to shed pounds.” Better.

“I want to release 30 pounds.” Better. Now put it in present tense.

“I am releasing 30 pounds.” Good. Specific, present tense, a declaration, simple to understand, at least for you child-like Inner Mind.

But do you believe it? Do you believe it deep down inside? AND, how can you and the hypnotist know whether you believe it or are you just saying things, even Mindfully meaning it?

We do have a way to find that out, while you are in the Mindful Waking State. It is a very simple, and a very sure method. And if we both find that you DON'T believe it, there is a physical, conscious procedure to make sure that you walk out with your Inmost Mind believing it, too. And when that happens, things happen in your world, in your body.

And when you think about it, every circumstance, condition, and happening in your life and the lives around you are a product of the sum total every thought and belief you've had up to this very moment.

So you really are what you think. You really are what you feel. And you really are what you believe.

Old Belief Removal and New Belief Imprint, the third area or third step to the NEW YOU. It's simply a binary, yes-no-do-don't do, choice.

Make that choice now and give us a call at (214) 699-6627

“New Beliefs for Old... New Beliefs for Old” See you next time.

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