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Muse-notic Reverie for Healing

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

To Listen to the Music Video, Click the Link:

Use as needed. This is free to use for a hypnosis session if you are a practitioner. Or meditation. Contemplate the body with all its systems, organs, tissues, how stupendously complex it is and how wonderfully, miraculously functional it works. And it is meant to work properly.

These are recordings of an actual gig at the Cosmic Cafe in Dallas, TX. I use a simple looper, an old Roland XV-5050, a Nanoverb, a flute, a Native Amery flute my sister bought as a souvenir, and an Alesis Q49 keyboard controller.

I make these tunes up on the spot, reflecting the mood of the diners coming in from Oak Lawn Ave.

If you would like to experience the wonderful feeling of hypnosis in de-stressing, conquering a bad habit, guided meditation, or motivation, or want to organize a group zoom session, look us up at,

If you would like to engage my wife as a certified health and life coach, and a healthy/raw chef and myself as an on-the-spot composer and certified clinical hypnotist in a group setting (for instance, in at a yoga or meditation retreat for meals and/or classes) reach out to us at or Jill at

If you would like more music like this, or some great Syndi Fables, go to

Blessings, my Friends. Alowai.

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