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Men in Space? Impossible!!!

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Downstairs from the Flow Center is a clinic that offers a 12-week treatment program. The treatments are usually a week apart, and the clients, desperate for real help, come in week after week.

But, like so many programs that take up to a few months, they may not see any results for the first half of the course, or even the first 2/3rds of the entire program. And, of course, they won't reap the full benefits until after the last treatment.

So, the owner of the clinic noticed that around treatment nine, and sometimes sooner, the clients would begin to wonder why they were still coming, and would talk themselves out of coming back to complete the treatment.

The owner, letting her Dream-State Mind work on the problem, woke up one morning and called my mentor at the Flow Center and wondered if one hypnosis session could help keep their clients from dropping out of the program,...because she rightfully reckoned that the problem was something that we call, in the hypnosis world, SELF-SABOTAGE.

When you were a child, there was nothing impossible for you. I used to run around with a blanket tied around my neck, pretending to be Superman flying high over Metropolis. Or, later, us boys would play at Soldiering...pretending, with sticks as rifles and rocks as grenades, that we were a small patrol of dogfaces, behind enemy lines, like on our favorite TV show, Combat with Vic Morrow. Or we'd pantomime slow-motion walking like the guys on Men in Space.

Then came reality. As we grew up, we went through the Government Education System that was actually teaching us all the things that were NOT possible. You see, in centuries past, spiritual things were real and possible, but now our civilization rides the Black Horse of only the “real” things we can record and measure. Science is now our religion, and the White Horse of Spirituality has been put back in the Barn, or as some on this planet want,...sent to the glue factory.

So, we learn to talk ourselves out of a lot of good things that DO exist. Or, should I say, the people in our past, TAUGHT us to limit ourselves.

It's as if the past were still operating in the present. “Come down out of that tree, you're gonna hurt yourself!” So, you never again “climb that tree”, even in a metaphorical sense. In fact, if you even start to climb, before you reach the limbs of that tree, your inner mom or dad tells you, you can't.

No more Superman, no more Vic Morrow, no more Men in Space, that's impossible. Give it up and put it out of your mind...or shove it down and suppress it.

But, what if you could get Mom or Dad, and sit them down right in front of you, and ask them why they said that thing about the tree?

What if you could just talk to them? What if, in having a “real” conversation, you found out that Mom had no idea that this would be a life-changing metaphor for you, that Dad was at work and she didn't know if she could rescue you or not, should you get stuck up in that tree and be too afraid to come down? What if, “You'll get hurt!!!” was the first thing that came to

her mind to try to keep you safe?

Understanding her point of view in the NOW would go a long way to discharging that negative notion of your quitting the reaching for new heights, for finishing the race....FOR FINISHING THE 12 TREATMENTS.

This is essentially what we do when we at the Flow Center deal with the problem of SELF-SABOTAGE. In the relaxed, suggestible state, we let you pretend that your mother is sitting right across from you, for instance, and you can have that conversation with her. You can resolve these issues that limit your life with “CAN'Ts” and “WON'Ts” and “DON'Ts”.

Listen, you can't SEE thought, but thought exists, and is more real than reality. In fact, thought makes reality. When you get rid of all those that “taught” you to be “real” in your thought-life, by dealing with them as if they WERE real , in the NOW, you have a chance to COMBAT that SELF-SABOTAGE, and then, after that, you just use tools like the DELETE button to mop up the stray negative thoughts that pop into your mind.

Men in Space? Impossible? Well, I'm glad Elon Musk sat down with his parents to have THAT conversation.

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