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How Smart Are We?

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I've heard and read differing estimates on how much of your...mentation....the intelligence it takes to run your body and much is run by the subconscious as opposed to how much is run by your conscious mind.

First thing to know, to frame all this, is that the human body has about 50 trillion cells...that need to be nourished and waste needs to be carried away constantly. Henry Ford's original factory could have the raw materials to build a car delivered by train at one end of the factory, the slag and other waste taken away by truck at another exit, and the finished automobile, the product reproduced, driven out another exit.

And yet, this factory could not actually reproduce itself. The cells in your body do. Each of the 50 trillion cells in your body is much more complex than the entire Ford Motor Company. And each one needs constant servicing to stay alive, functioning and integrated with the whole.

Servicing implies a system that is organized, which implies intelligence.

One estimate, I believe, according Dr. Bruce Lipton in his book “Biology of Belief” is that the sub-conscious mind's processing speed is 20 million bits/sec while the we process only 40 bits/sec consciously. That's half a million times slower.

Another study says that the subconscious mind processes about 400 billion bits of info per second and the impulses travel at a speed of up to 100,000 mph! While your conscious mind processes only about 2,000 bits of information per second and its impulses travel only at 100-150 mph, which seemed pretty fast in Henry Ford's day.

Now, my mentor says that our sub-conscious is only 90% of our mind while we are only consciously thinking 10% of the time. This seems believable to the average person. Most of the things, that become a regular part of our lives, that we learn consciously, are eventually handed over to our sub-conscious mind as walking when we are toddlers and driving a car when we are teenagers.

And in our older years, we have a tendency to use our conscious minds less and less and our habits, collected over a lifetime, more and more. I think that, that is why our lives seem to speed by faster and faster as we age, because we do rely on our sub-conscious mentation more and more. Remember, our sub-conscious lives in the eternal present where every passing moment is “now”.

Here's a little story to illustrate. I lived in Hawaii for a quarter century starting age 35. In Hawaii, there really is no seasons of the year to mark the passage of years, and every day is summer. So, every day is like the same day. Every day is now. One day, I got up and looked in the mirror and realized I saw my Grandpa staring back at me. Where had the time gone?

The realization that 25 years had gone by was stunning to me. Good thing the average age of death in Hawaii is 85. When I hit 64, the age the Beatles made famous, I realized that I was only halfway through my life and that you will probably be seeing new video blog posts from me in the year 2078 when I will probably meet my maker in a bungie-jumping accident.

See you in the future, all you conscious beings.

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