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Finding that Missing 'Something'

You know, you get up everyday. You go to work, trading your time for money, to cover your fixed costs, your food, your house or apartment, your car, truck, and/or van, your utilities, your phone and internet, your entertainment, tools and supplies to keep your front lawn up. You need to buy things for you and your family, clothes, higher education, life insurance...and on and on.

You feel like there's something better, something higher you should be getting. You're hoping for some sort of change, someday, by some mysterious force, or by winning the lottery or playing the stock market or mutual funds, hoping the bottom doesn't fall out....again.

At some time in your life, you reach a point of disillusionment. You look at your life and you feel like you missed the boat in life, somehow. You may even wonder why you missed the gravy train.

Well, I'm here to tell you that, that mysterious force is, and always has, and always will be, inside you. It's always been there like a genii in a lamp, waiting to grant your every wish.

Don't believe me? Aside from the people who inherit wealth and keep it, those self-made people at the top of their fields all put their pants on in the morning one leg at a time, go to the bathroom, eat breakfast...they have all those same fixed costs, they breathe the same air, drink the same water, are fed by the same supply chain as the rest of us.

Unless they are mentally handicapped, they have the same biology, the same physiology as the rest of us. What sets them apart?

My virtual brother Dave used to say, pick your poison and live with it.

So, great men have gone out searching for this mysterious force, this thing, this something extra that make great men great. Great thinkers like Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Jim Rohn, Maxwell Maltz.

And I've read these guys' books. But the poison I pick, so to speak, is our modern understanding of hypnosis. And since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, that concept is what always fascinated me.

Watching a stage-hypnotist entrance people and suggest they do things, and seeing shy people be bold, weak become strong, this is what I was looking for. However, as I found out, that ability, that method was only the door to that mysterious force.

Hypnotism is a label we use for this natural state of mind. It's as natural as the sleeping or waking state of mind. But, if I were naming it, I would call it Imaginism or Imagineering and a practitioner would be called an Imaginist, and he would teach Self-Imaginism...imagine that!

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