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Expand Your Awareness

Expand your awareness, my buddy said when we were cruisin' Main Street just after I graduated hi-school. That was in '68, and that was all the rage. Expand your awareness. It was the plot and point of all the movies that were popular we'd seen during our hi-school years. It was the theme of a lot of pop music of the day. I mean....Woodstock, man.

Expand your awareness! And we expanded our awareness of a lot of self-destructive things, thinking that we were really expanding our awareness.

But what is awareness? Awareness is another word for consciousness. Being conscious. Being awake as opposed to being asleep. Being aware.

So, expanding your consciousness really means becoming more aware of all that you are.

This other side of your mind, your sub-conscious side, the side you are usually not aware of, is what you want to raise awareness of. And I'll cover the five main ways to effect the sub-conscious, or insert a program into it, in future videos.

When you discover the trance state and how to be put into that state...or how to put yourself into it, a whole world of renewing your mind opens up for you.

Just being in that relaxed state by itself consistently and only for a few weeks of practicing it daily, through meditation, prayer, or hypnosis, feels wonderful, reduces stress and anxiety, enhances your recall and academic performance, boosts your self-confidence and makes you a happier person.

Couple this state with auto-suggestion...that means suggesting goals to yourself, goals that you set...things you want to do, or things you want to acquire. Auto-suggestion, while in the trance state, helps you select the good habits you want to acquire, overcome bad habits or fears you wish to dismiss, and helps you strengthen your weaknesses.

You figure out your mission, set a series of goals to reach it, one step at a time, and set sail. Your course might change as you learn more about the voyage and voyaging as you go, but you never lose sight, in your inner mind, of your destination.

This is what all great men have done, one way or another. Keeping their goals in their souls and creating new ways, failing a lot, failing their way to the top. As Yoda says, “Failure a bad thing,is not. Failure, your best teacher, is.”

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