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Can Hypnosis Help Me With...

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Hello Everybody, I'm Roger Simpson, Clinical Hypnotist at here in Dallas Texas. You can reach us at or at, or Call me at my private number, 214-699-6627

So, CAN hypnosis help you with....whatever issue that ails you or with however you want to improve your life?

The answer is yes...if you are committed. To deal with any issue, it comes down to having a very strong motivation. A very strong “why”.

How important is it, to you, to change or improve your life, and more importantly, WHY do you want to, say, quit smoking? To control your weight? To reach peak performance for success in your career, athletics, social life,... or even sexual life?

It all comes down to WHY you want to do it. Why is your WHY important?

Occasionally, when a person calls us for help to quit smoking, their “why” is that their wife or partner...or even their doctor, wants them to. THAT...will not do as a strong “why”. You see, YOU must have a good, personal reason for wanting to be tobacco-free, or deal with your fear of flying, for instance. Another person cannot WANT it for you.

If your conscious decision or just sheer willpower has failed to make a permanent change in your life and habits, that's because willpower is a tool that you use with your conscious-waking mind.

You see, your conscious mind is only a very, tiny part of your total mind. It's like the visible part of an enormous iceberg. How many times did you make a conscious decision to, say, reduce your weight, and only make it to day 3 of your diet? How many New Years Resolutions have been kept past the first week of the New Year?

You may have failed with willpower because the rest of your mind, the subconscious mind that dreams while you sleep, that controls every body function automatically, the rest of your mind that nourishes and services all 50 trillion cells in your body, ...that much, much larger mind, may have a very good reason for resisting your conscious decision to, say, reduce your weight.

Treating the symptoms with dangerous drugs or surgery won't get you healed of your issue.

Finding out the real cause of your issue and dealing with that cause goes much further to resolving your issue, your symptom of being overweight or stressed or depressed, if you will,...permanently.

You may come to us because you are afraid to fly, but that may be merely a symptom of something else going on with that vast, part of mind that you are not consciously aware of.

Under hypnosis, we help you find out, deep down, the reasons why you are resisting, say, reducing your weight, or living tobacco-free and help put that resistance to rest. We can then help you re-write the negative self talk and life-long programming going on in the background below your conscious awareness.

When all parts of your mind are in harmony, the changes in your mind will begin showing up in your life, in your body, in your activities. And you will be a happier, freer, more fulfilled, transformed person as a result.

Yes, it will take a little time, it is not magic. On the other hand, the rapid change in your life may even seem miraculous.

Call us up and see if Hypnosis is a good fit for you. Do it NOW. 214-699-6627, that's 214-699-6627 or go to NOW and request a free consultation, ...or go to and click on the BOOK NOW button. You can Book an Appointment to come to our office, or book a session from the convenience and safety of your own home. Over-the-phone or face-to-face is just as effective.

Can hypnosis help me with....transforming my mind, transforming my life? You'll never know unless you ask. Do it now, give us a call. 214-699-6627 We'll see you soon.

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