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Authority Explained

Corporations and Organizations and professions go to great length to do one additional thing besides repetition to imprint their call-to-actions on your inner mind and that's to establish and maintain their authority because another way to anchor and trigger you is for someone you recognize as an authority to tell you to do something.

For instance, I used to smoke in secret in high school. I was also having problems with catching a lot of flus and colds and breathing while I was trying to play my sax. I already knew I couldn't quit smoking even then because I had tried a dozen times. But, one day, at a visit to my doctor, after he had told my parents I was suffering from tendencies towards cystic fibrosis, he asked them to leave the room as he continued to do his stethoscope thing.

After they left, he, still fiddling with his stethoscope, dressed in his white lab coat, casually looked up and asked, “Roger?”

I said, “Say what?”

“Do you smoke?”

I paused and grinned nervously and confessed, “Yeeees...”

Then he said, “You know better?”

I paused again and sighed, “Yeah”

And that was the last time I least for a few years, got hooked again 3 or 4 more times, but haven't smoked since 1990, but that's another story.

Point being, someone in a suit or uniform or...a lab coat...can tell you something that can help you, or something that can hurt you,....or an out and out bald-faced lie, and you will likely believe it without your critical mind intervention, which is anchoring....and maybe act on that “order”, which is being triggered.

Let me tell you another story within a story I read in Gulliver's Travels, a satire written 300 years ago.

Lilliput was the country of 6” people on an island that Gulliver got shipwrecked in and Blefiscu was a neighboring island and whose king was at war with the king of Lilliput. They were at war because the kings of both countries were at war over which end of an egg to break open to eat out of an egg holder...something we no longer use to eat an egg.

From Gulliver's viewpoint, a viewpoint of a person who didn't have a history of being propagandized by either country, it seemed ridiculous for either country to lose lives in a war for such a frivolous reason. He tried to reason with both kings like they were children by suggesting they compromise and break the egg in the middle.

We see this kind of thing everyday when we hear and see a TV newscast. They always have a spin or slant. You will hear it, compare it with what you heard on all your yesterdays and either believe it or not depending on if your critical mind, driven by your subconscious agrees with it or not.

And sometimes all these networks have to do before the commercial break is reinforce you with their slogan, be it “the most trusted name in news...stories” or be it, “far and balanced”..........”You decide”.

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