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Authority and Repetition - Who is Setting Your Course

I'd like to talk today about two of the ways to get around your waking, conscious, critical mind, and plant suggestions into your subconscious.

Of course, planting suggestions in your subconscious mind by hypnosis or hypnotherapy is the way I usually dwell on in these videos. But, I believe, that people in general are not even aware of other ways that are used, even in their everyday life, to put suggestions into your inner mind and influence your behavior and decisions.

I recently published a video and blog about how the human eye is just a camera and faithfully records the images and clips it sees. However, each person's mind processes these images in different ways, so that, at a traffic accident, for instance, if several people even stop and take time out of their day to be a witness, each witness will give a slightly different account of that accident, filled with opinion and emotional trauma.

The police, who were not on the scene when the accident occurred, then have to figure out what actually happened by fitting all the stories together, and discarding some. If a particular witness happens to be related in any way to one victim or the other, then that witness will likely have an agenda. The witness might be trying to assign blame to the other victim based on his relationship.

Whenever you read or hear a news story, I want you to remember that, even though it might contain news, it is still just a story. Whenever you see a TV commercial, it is a story or narrative told by some one or some corporation or organization that your mind will see as an authority on the subject. The truth is, is that every news program, commercial ad, drama, comedy or crime program, every single one was paid for with hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars if you include the Superbowl.

In fact, a national TV commercial through the professional producers and agents costs $60,000 minimum to $8,000,000 just to produce a 30 second spot. To run that 30 second ad on prime time evening shows costs anywhere from $110,000 to $340,000 each time.

So, with that perspective, the two ways that the sponsors of TV airtime use to put suggestions into your inner mind and affect your behavior are repetition, with authority. Authority and repetition. The drama, comedy, romance, and crime stories you see are a way to put you in and keep you in the trance-state.

I think I will be going too long here to give you examples of authority and repetition in this video, so I'll cover this in another video.

But let me leave you with a teaser. You are always and always have been programmed by everything you see and hear on TV, radio, and the Internet. And this programming is constant.

Your conscious mind is the Captain of your Ship, and your Crew is your subconscious mind. The crew will only follow orders to get you to a destination. If someone else is setting your course, your crew will faithfully get you there. And it will also get you to whatever destination you, the Captain, will set. So, ask yourself, “Going forward,...with what you now know already, you be setting...your course?”

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