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What do you want, instead? Part 1

My clients, at some point in their pre-session interview, will hear me ask: what do you want instead.

So, What makes you want a better life? What makes you want something better?

There's this thing about life. It has to do with reframing, and it has to do with discernment.

Exxon is an oil company. But what happens if the oil ever runs out? Will Exxon cease to exist? No, because their real mission is energy.

Newspapers printed newspapers. But nowadays, paper is out. Newsprint is not their real mission. Supposedly, news is actually their mission, so most people have moved to online, paperless sources to get it.

So, let's apply that thought process to this question: Why do people want to be rich? Are the rich really any happier or more miserable than you? Once you get it, will you worry about keeping it?

People want lots of money not to just have money. They actually want the freedom that money brings, if they are normal humans beings. I mean, what would you be doing if you had enough to retire and then some, to pursue your true interests?

Let's apply that to healing: Nowadays, people want pills and drugs to make them feel better. Back before the modern era, people simply wanted to be well, to be healed. Do you want to take drugs that have unhealthy side effects for the rest of your life, or do you like to be healed, instead?

Or take the issue of losing weight. If you want to lose weight, do you want to take speedy drugs, or buy an advertised diet plan? As soon as you quit the drugs or quit buying the foods, you gain back the weight and then some. You then can only look forward to stimulants forever to curb your appetite which may be bad for your liver, kidneys and pancreas, or you keep buying the foods on the advertised programs for the rest of your life. You see, you didn't solve the problem, you just papered it over...with your health and/or your hard earned money.

Would you rather take drugs that make you sleepy to combat an allergy or would you rather get rid of the allergy?

This may seem like I'm rambling around, but there is a connection between this line of thought and hypnosis for self-improvement or personal development.

And I'll cover that in the next video.

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