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Spring Forward 4/11/20

This period of national house arrest, sequestering will pass. Don't just "get through it". Nothing will be the same on the other side. So, pause, reflect, plan, ask yourself some questions about what you want in life, instead, and come out of The Great American Staycation ready to Spring Ahead.

Last time I talked about fear and anxiety particularly in these times of THE GREAT AMERICAN STAYCATION. I reassured you that all things pass and this too will pass. But if you think you're gonna just get through this and resume what you was doing before this happened, well, things have changed. So, here's the question, here's the Q: Do you just want to make it through this extended house arrest crisis, or Do you want to come out of this springing forward, re-invented, ready to adapt to the new and inevitable paradigm coming on us. In other words, do you want to meet that freight train head-on and hope you survive it, or do you want to jump aboard it as it passes and ride it out to that shining city on the hill? So, instead of being that “couch-potatriot”, consider taking this national time-out to do some reflecting, planning, de-stressing, for sure, and also....some couch-spudding. What is getting you up in the morning, these days? You know, the surest way to have your sub-conscious do the work for you is to get into a hypnotic state as I've showed you before, and ask questions. The sub-conscious cannot resist searching till it finds the answers. The answers may come in dreams, daydreams, flashes of inspiration, while your watching TV, while...your...driving....oh, shoots, missed the exit! Shouldn't be out driving these days, anyway. So, again, what lights your candle, what gets you up in the morning? What makes you smile? What activities. What people around you. What projects, hobbies, past-times? What things in your past did you like to do? What did you want to be or do when you grew up? What rocked your boat when you was a kid? When you're in a trance, time will dilate, you lose track of time...what were you doing in the past that made you lose track of time? What do you know enough about to teach to someone else...something you do for a living now, some past-time or hobby you have, something or some subject you know about through going to church, or Toastmasters, or sports in school. You only have to know a thing or two more about a subject than the person you teach it to. I'll wrap it up with this. Allow yourself to close your eyes and either take a deep breath and slip off into a peaceful calm state as you exhale, or just go into a light trance state right now. Think about your life up to now. What do you want your life to be like instead? Pretend that you are 90, and if you already are 90, make-believe you are older. You're sitting on the old rocking chair out on the front porch on a cool spring day. Pretend you are looking back over your life and are pleased with the wonderful things and amazing blessings you've had. Looking back at all you've acquired, received and done, all the relationships you've had, ….what, of all that, matters to you most? So at the count of five, come out of the peaceful rocker on the porch, and be ready to SPRING FORWARD, knowing that your inner mind will figure out all of the answers to these questions and will deliver them to you through inspiration or through circumstances or opportunities you encounter. 1-2-3-4-5 Eyes open, SPRING FORWARD

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