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What ARE you?

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In a previous episode, I related how hypnosis does not really work unless you want to be hypnotized and helped. This is expressed in that old hypnotists' saying: All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. And this is the number one maxim of the art.

In this and a few upcoming episodes, I'll cover the second maxim of clinical hypnotism, and that is:

All the resources to address any issue the client has is within the mind, emotions, body and spirit of the client.

First of all, you are not just a body run by a mind. We get about 80% of our information about the world, the environment around us that we encounter through time, reality, if you will, through our sense of sight. The other 20% is mostly split between our hearing and sense of touch, with smell and taste used only occasionally, mostly on purpose and not just passively, like the other three senses.

So, when you close your eyes, you are, like, 80% cut off from....reality. Now, with your eyes closed, let me ask you this: Is any part of your body actually YOU?

Think about it. Think about your leg. Either one. Is your leg YOU? The fact that you refer to your leg, in your own words, in your own mind, as “my leg” says that your leg is something that you have, something that you control and move around, a tool that you own and use, like, “This is my hammer.”

With your eyes closed, you can do this little mental exercise for any part of your body. There's still, in our language, the possessive pronouns that you use to describe that part, “my arms, my stomach, my eye, which without the mind to process the images is no more that a biological camera, even MY FACE...a part of your skin organ that most identifies YOU to others. Ancient humans probably never saw their face except in an occasional lake or totally still puddle of mud,... or an artistic rendering.

So, that takes care of the body, or any part of the body being you.

But, what about the MIND? “I'm out of my mind with worry!” “I'm losing my mind.”

Again, YOU are referring to YOUR MIND, something you possess, something you can use as a tool...or a a hammer. something separate from YOU. can be out of your mind. You can LOSE your mind....the good news can find YOUR mind, too.

So, what ARE you? You are clearly NOT your body. You are clearly NOT your mind. Those realities are even built into our language.

But, this is running long, and I'll give some suggestions in the next episode to answer that very question as it relates to YOU, the real YOU, having all the resources, knowledge, intelligence, wisdom, and power to know what it is that is wrong with you,...and how to heal it... can open your eyes now, 1-2-3 eyes open, wide awake, having forgotten the last 5 minutes for the rest of the day....and feeling wonderful, healthy and energized.

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