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Tap Into Your Inner TV

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Propaganda verses your own imagination. Someone is investing staggering amounts of money in the former, but you can turn that stuff off, and invest a little time in the latter...imagination is the framework of freedom!

TV is addicting, and I'm primarily talking about TV, since my generation was the first to grow up with it, but I'm also talking about movies, laptops, tablets, smartphones...moving picture shows of any kind. We may think that TV and it's cousins were invented for our entertainment, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The truth is that TV and Its ilk are the most effective hypnosis machines for imprinting suggestions into the minds of people to effect their behavior, and the corporations, governments and other massive organizations are the ones paying for it.

We swim in Propaganda nearly every waking moment of our lives. Propaganda is the broadcasting...and that broadcast mechanism and programming is paid for with big money, dollar bills, y'all, by someone...broadcasting information hand-crafted, on purpose, to use emotions, not critical argument or rational reasoning, use emotions to get people to think and act a certain way.

It's been used all through much of Human could say that Propaganda and His-story first intersected in the Kingdom of Persia in Bible times. There's a cliff face in Iran, which used to be Persia, that Darius the Great's gigantic image chiseled on it, kind of like a giant billboard about his life...written in three languages, just so his empire wouldn't miss the point. Remember, Darius was the guy that the Rabbis in Israel,... showed their prediction mentioning him by name in their “ancient” scriptures, that he would be the Mideast leader to release the Jews from their Babylonian captivity in its 70th year. This was the first known use of predictive programming by authority figures.

Of course, Darius did just that...but, only a handful of Jews wanted to leave for Jerusalem...I guess, to get out of prison, you got to realize that you're in prison...that's true Propaganda, when you can make captivity look or feel better than freedom and creativity.

I digress...I think I covered, that the “immersed in propaganda” thing, was one of the reasons every one needs to take a holiday from TV and it's cousins, to take back control of your own programming. I think Joe Goebbels, the Nazi Propagandist, almost a hundred years ago, said that the coming of Television to the masses would be that greatest propaganda tool ever imagined...

I'm rambling again...propaganda on TV is not called propaganda in our present's called “TV programming” other words, you get to pick your own “program” to be “programmed” with. Someone spent a pile of dollars on that “program's” production and TV get you to think and act in a certain way.

Hypnosis,...self-hypnosis...which all hypnosis a way for you to take back control of the programming...put it back into your hands...get you to think and act the way YOU want to...

The other reason for turning off the tube, or at least being cynically aware of the concept of propaganda or programming,...and I've covered this to strengthen your imaging “muscle”. As I pointed out in a past video, people are losing or have lost their ability to imagine, picture, envision, pretend, brainstorm, conceptualize, create, fantasize, figure, frame, castles in the air...move into them....wait....

Because....because....moving picture shows, in whatever device or doing that for them...and replacing your ideas with their ideas...because, the subconscious mind thinks primarily in pictures, even moving pictures.

Listen, you were born with the ability to imagine...a word whose root comes from the word “image” were born to imagine, and plan, and forecast, and set outrageous goals...

We all need to turn off everyone else's plans, forecasts, programming, and goals, so that we regain our child-like “let's pretend” ability. Some people are so crushed by their circumstances and by all the negativity they are constantly bombarded with, that they don't even know the answer to this question:

If money and time were no object, what would you do with your the rest of your life?

I know how it is...I know how me and my wife were at a point in our lives where we heard that question and realized we couldn't even come up with one wish...not because we didn't need anything, but because we felt that our hopes and dreams had been crushed so many times, so thoroughly, for so long, that we could not even dream or make wishes anymore.

That's why we all need to turn off the moving picture shows in all forms, and take back our programming, our dreams, our mission and our don't have no re-runs, and the Beatles will never get back together...

And daily hypnosis, even for five relaxing, refreshing minutes is a great tool to use to do your own programming. You can learn how to hypnotize yourself by booking a free consultation with us...about whatever issue is stopping you from fulfilling your life's dream....or even stopping you from daring to dream...

Dream...Dream, Dream, Dream...

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