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Repetition Explained

Updated: May 27, 2020

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Do you recall some of the most memorable slogans of all times. 'Things go better with Coke.” “You deserve a break today.” “A Diamond is Forever”. “Be All You Can Be”

You've heard them over and over, probably dozens or even hundreds of time. Some you can remember from your childhood. If you haven't heard them for a while, I'll bet you can immediately remember the product or company those slogans were advertising.

The first maxim this covers is repetition. Without hypnosis at all, you can instantly recall the slogan and what it stands for because it was repeated to you so often that it was wore a groove into your psyche.

The 'what-it-stands-for' part is called in the hypnosis world, an anchor. The slogan makes you recall thoughts and feeling about the product or company. Now, if you are moved by hearing or reading that slogan to, say buy and or drink a coke, eat a hamburger, buy a ring or join the army, that's called a trigger, because the slogan is not only calling up thoughts and feelings, but moving you to a desired action...that is, desired by someone besides yourself.

Now this is all done to you by many, many corporations and companies on national TV that pay enough for each 30 second spot in prime time for the average family to buy a house. And it's done without hypnosis involved. Well, not entirely, because inducing the trance is the job of the TV program itself.

These slogans also take advantage of another maxim of the subconscious, which is that the inner mind only understands the present. It doesn't respond to the past or the future...that's the job of the conscious waking mind. If you think back to all the advertising slogans you remember, they are all set in the present tense. “Betcha Can't Eat Just One” rather than

“Betch'll Never Eat Just One” or “Betcha Couldn'tda Eaten Just One”.

“Just do it”, not “Just plan to do it”, or “Just did it”

“Melts in your mouth, not in your hands”, not “Never has melted in your hands”, or “Never will melt in your hands”.

Present tense only, just the way your subconscious mind understands it.

And simple, because your subconscious mind is like an idiot savant in that it is like a five-year-old that can recall every single thing you experienced in your entire life. But, that's another maxim....

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