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We're all connected...that's what they all say...but is it true? Well, let me tell how that was proven to me, in the real world.

Now that we covered the subconscious, the super-conscious, and the conscious mind, I'd like to relate a couple of stories about how this all connected up in the real world in my own life.

Just as a “first thing”, my Dad, Bob, was really into alternative healing modalities, let's call them, because he watched as the mainstream medical industry failed my Mom, and was desperate to find anything that would relieve her pain and heal her body.

So, I have a predilection to alternative modalities I probably inherited from being around my Dad.

Plus, me and my wife lived in Hawaii on the Big Island most of my adult life. I'd say you're going to run into every latest healing style available, in Hawaii, first thing after it's been rolled out in Kali-fornia, on its way, around the world, to the Left...on the map. Seems like. 'Cause Dallas is like the major city that catches onto things, if ever...well, there's Phoenix, but they probably get a little bleed-back from

Anyway, when I was a kid, there was a couple of years when my feet would swell up with the hives so big I couldn't get my shoes on. It happened most mornings. It would go away by lunchtime and I would catch the afternoon class. Which worked out great in sixth grade when Mr. Conrady came around and told us we could get out of school on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons if we wanted to learn a musical instrument so we could be in the Junior High School Band the next year....I hated school back then...

So, I grew up and never thought about that again until my wife, Jill, was trying out some coffee alternatives about fifteen years ago while we were still on Hawaii. I took a cup and went upstairs to do the books on the old desktop and took a sip and within a minute or two started sneezing...and sneezing...I lost count around the sixtieth sneeze...on the ground out of my chair on all fours...probably re-jumpstarted my heart about three or four dozen times....

The next morning, just to make sure that the coffee substitute was the culprit, I did the same thing, and the same thing happened, maybe a little bit worse, even. I read the label and there was nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, matte, and couple of other ingredients.

The next morning, I got a cup of hot water and put the first powdered spice I found in Jill's Country Kitchen that was on that ingredient list and low and behold, on the floor, on all fours, taken away by the sneezing, avoid cinnamon....and it occurred to me that for a couple of years, my family had used a salt shaker full of half and half cinnamon powder and sugar on our morning toast and butter...mystery solved.

Flash forward a few years and we had moved to Dallas, and I joined our church choir. There was a man in the choir named Glenn who was a chiropractor. I needed a chiropractor...

When I got to Glenn for treatment, he adjusted my pelvis and it went back out before I got out the door...he said, maybe there's something else going on, something your body is sensitive mind immediately went to the cinnamon. I thought, no, I hadn't eaten any cinnamon since that time in Hawaii. I didn't tell Glenn what I thought I was sensitive to, but he told me not to tell him what it was, either.

Glenn did some muscle testing...if you don't know what that is, just look it up on'll come up under Applied Kinesiology...and with his muscle testing, in a learned process of either/or elimination, he came up with cinnamon within a minute. Amazing...

He then did a spine manipulation while I breathed in and out in different ways, reminded me of voodoo, or some ritual like that, told me to stay away from cinnamon for twenty-five hours, and since I was chronically sensitive to it, don't even have it near me. He readjusted my pelvis and this time it stayed in place...

I continued to go to Glenn and one day I came in with and had the flu. He claimed he could desensitize me to the flu virus and in my case would be over the flu in thirty-six hours cause then my body's immune system could fight it off. Because of the history of him relieving me of a multitude of allergies, I believed him. Before I left, I told him I'd have to bring Jill in because she also had the flu. He said he could treat her now...through me...even thought she was about 15 miles away. So he did...treat her with the muscle testing and the spinal voodoo thing.

And she got over the flu at the same time as me...

Another time, our dog acted like he had been poisoned, and Glenn happen to come by the house. We had called the vet and the vet hospital and both said they were busy and couldn't take him till next Thursday. We brought it up when Glenn asked, what's wrong with Pula?

We told him and he had Jill lay a hand on Pula and he muscle tested Jill and found that the dog had developed an allergy or sensitivity to calcium, so he treated Jill with that spinal meridian thing and Pula, who had been sick for days, got up and acted normal after about two hours.

Now, these were not the only times Glenn did stuff like this and it worked, so it wasn't just coincidence, or “you woulda got better anyway”, every time.

Glenn once said, in his healing practice, and he can't call it that, because only mainstream medicine can claim that....and if you notice....they never do...use the word “heal”, I mean....only the word “treat”....

Anyway, in his practice, Glenn said he felt like a mechanic going through the lists of elimination to diagnose (and he can't use that word either) and then treat. And I began to see that his style of healing works because we are all connected by energy fields and when you find the way in which these fields work and the ways to adjust them in our bodies, and in our pets' bodies, it's like a a key that goes into your car's ignition...and when that car doesn't start, you run down what part is broken, replace it, put the key in the ignition and it starts right up.

It's that mechanical. It has been demonstrated to me time and again, even at a distance, and it is real.

Listen, we are all connected, for real, not in an “either you believe it or don't” way like a philosophy or a religious belief you can't prove, really, but in an engineering, mechanical way.

Our Connectivity, demonstrated to me in the real world, proves, to me, the existence and claims about the Super-conscious and all that it implies about the Infinite...with a Capital “eye”....

Eye'll be seeing you, in all the old familiar places.....

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