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[In-Office Visits, Too!]
Fast and Easy Fix for a Fantastic Life
Specializing in:
Pain Management,
Pre- & Post-Surgery Hypnosis, Seniors' Issues, Stress/Anxiety

"Inside your imagination, you have total power and total freedom to be anywhere you wish and do anything you choose. In addition, we can use the imagination to move through time as well as space." - Roy Hunter

"I wonder if Hypnosis would work for ________?
You'll never know unless you ask."

-Valerie Grimes

​We offer in-office visits, of course. But in these days of worries over the spread of viruses, we also offer the power of hypnosis in a remote setting. Hypnosis is just as powerful to empower our clients remotely as in our office, in the convenience of your home or office. 

The entire process can be conducted over a smartphone, flip-phone or land line, or visually with Skype, Zoom or Duo. The few documents involved can be sent over email, and the payments made via credit card or Paypal, depending on the occasion. 


Call 214-478-7712 for a free consultation now or, if you want an In-Office, face-to-face session, click on the "Book an In-Office Session NOW" button at the top of the page. We will be happy to meet with you in any case.

Pain Management

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From personal experience, I know that long-term chronic pain of one family member can bring an entire family to the brink of destruction. This is why I specialize in pain management through hypnosis.


At the very least, carrying around chronic pain can effect your whole attitude in a negative way and cause your relationships to suffer: at your job, at your church, in your home, your social life. When someone asks, "How ya' doin'?" they don't want to hear about your suffering. You'll be hearing "How ya doin'?" less and less because others will want to be around less and less.

Acute pain is the pain suffered from an injury. It usually goes away as the wounding heals. Chronic pain can have no apparent physical cause at all...but it's just as real.


Pain is a signal that something is wrong, or...not right.


If you are suffering from real pain (and all pain is real pain) that is long term and negatively effects your life and those around you, try something positive. Hypnosis is not magic, but after only a few sessions, your pain may be reduced to something you can easily manage, oft times without much need for narcotics, anti-depressants or pain killers.


And part of our plan is to get you eating and sleeping right, and training your inner mind to have a positive attitude toward life. Don't wait, call now at 214-478-7712.

Pre- and Post-Surgery Hypnosis

Can hypnosis help discomfort and recovery due to surgery? Can it calm fears, speed healing?


The answer is YES. And this is not a just a belief or theory. For example:


Surgery for breast cancer, either for diagnosis or treatment, can cause side effects, including pain, nausea, fatigue, and discomfort. While drugs including traditional pain medications can help provide relief, they can have side effects of their own and increase the overall cost of a surgical procedure.​

As said before, this is not just a theory or a belief.  Among several studies concerning hypnosis and surgery is a study done at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City with 200 women scheduled to undergo either surgical breast biopsy for diagnosis or lumpectomy for treatment of breast cancer.


The women were divided into a hypnosis group or a control group and given a 15 minute hypnosis session within 1 hour of the surgery. The psychologists involved read from the same script and the evaluators did not know which group of women were in. 


The results were that the women who underwent hypnosis required significantly less propofol and lidocaine, then the control group. The doses of the anesthetics were adjusted for individual patients as needed during surgery. Women in the hypnosis group also reported significantly less pain intensity, pain unpleasantness, nausea, fatigue, discomfort, and emotional upset than women in the control group. And, on average, the surgical procedures cost about $770 less per patient from the hypnosis group.

"Overall, our results support the present hypnosis intervention as a brief, clinically effective means for controlling patients' pain, nausea, fatigue, discomfort, and emotional upset following breast cancer surgery beyond pharmacotherapeutic approaches," stated the authors. "The present brief hypnosis intervention appears to be one of the rare clinical interventions that can simultaneously reduce both symptom burden and costs."

If using hypnosis for pre- and post surgery concerns and recovery appeals to you or if you have any questions, just text me at 214-478-7712 or email me at I may not always answer my phone, but I always read my texts.

Seniors and Their Issues
Senior picture.jpg

Seniors, or as we like to call them, Seasoned Citizens, are one of our greatest natural resources and national treasures. 

Unfortunately, in today's society, many in our country think Seniors are just old and out of touch with what is happening in today's world...oft times like what those Seasoned Citizens thought of "old fogies" back in the days of their youth. It seems to be human nature.

But Seniors really do have real, serious issues that come with aging. A lot of it is just that old dis-ease, "OldAgieness": having a self image of being old and oft times useless, unwanted.

Loss is likely the biggest issue Seasoned Citizens face. Loss of career first, of their sense of mission, purpose, goals, dreams, visions, inspiration, passions, life. Most find their way through this process and rise to a new paradigm in life...and these are stories that generate inspirational movies. Some never do, and these are stories you may have heard of, where the CEO retires and after a month on the golf course and watching 'I Love Lucy' re-runs, passes away.

There is also loss of friends that happens more and more often as a person ages. Or loss of home, if the family can no longer afford the time or money to take care of them, and the Senior is forced to sell everything and move into a Senior Care Facility.

They can lose their health and vigor over time. And become isolated, or withdrawn from the world, socializing less, eating more and more unhealthily, walk around less.

Senior men can find that they are less and less like John Wayne and more like Walter Matthou. They can feel shame about seeing therapists (not clinical hypnotists, cause hypnosis is cool). Lack of sex drive, lack of appetite, sleeping too much or too little.

It's funny, but...these are the very issues that the Good Lord invented hypnosis to address. And the clinical hypnotist is often the only person around that will pay focused attention on a Senior's needs, who can go into a lot more depth than just "How ya doin?"

If you want to gain a lot of control over the new circumstances and your attitude toward them in a very positive way, call us and see if Hypnosis is a good fit for you. Your mission in life can be restored or...renewed. Your whole countinence can be elevated, not in the way it used to be, but in the great and positive way you were meant to experience. Now. In these, your GOLDEN Years. The best years of your life.

Call me or have your care-giver call me or text me at 214-478-7712.


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Stress and anxiety induce your nervous system to cause inflamation throughout your body.

My mother was a severe arthritic. Whenever she was stressed or traumatized emotionally, within 72 hours, she would have another severe attack of rheumetoid arthritis that would put her to bed for days.


Harboring stress and anxiety in your life can really impact the quality of your life...and may even end your life, one way or another.


The reason stress and anxiety are paired this way is because stress has to do with events and emotions you have experienced in the past, while anxiety is all about what you fear about the future.


Stress has evil brothers such as fear, hardship, nervousness, strain, tension, trauma, worry, anguish, dispair, gloom, heartache, guilt, remorse, and sorrow.


And anxiety has evil sisters such as foreboding, dread, worry, uncertainty, impatience, restlessness, tenseness, trepidation, and apprehension.


Hypnosis, by its nature, draws you into the present moment, where you can escape these terribly destructive emotions. Only in the present moment are you not thinking about the past, or worrying about the future.


Learning and practicing self-hypnosis as a daily practice gives you a powerful tool to combat these stressors of your life in a peaceful, healthy way.


Give it a try. No side effects. Once you get help and learn it, it's free! Text me at 214-699-6627. Let's get started now.

Zoom, Skype, Duo, or Over-The-Phone

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If you want to avoid the hassles of driving through traffic and would like to experience your session remotely, in the privacy and safety or your home or office, or if you are simply not in the Dallas area, I can accommodate.

If you prefer our FREE CONSULTATION over the phone on the DUO App or through Zoom or Skype, that works just as well as in person. The actual hypnosis only really requires the audio and that can be done with just a regular phone.​


​Just click on the "Book a Session NOW" button at the top of this page, or call me on my personal number at 214-478-7712, or email me at

​Let's talk about what you want to do with your life. Every single person on this planet is precious, special, unique and was put here for a purpose. Find out what your mission is and let's get to work on it.


There are no re-runs in life, or as that great American Philosopher, Howard Gayles, Jr. says, "The Band will never get back together." Make it count! Give me a call, let me help. That's my Mission.

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